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Neuropathy refers to the dysfunction or damage of nerves, which often results in muscle weakness, pain, and a tingling sensation in the feet or hands. Most neuropathies start in the extremities, but this condition can also affect other parts of your body. There are numerous causes of developing neuropathy, with diabetes being the leading factor. Other notable causes include alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, trauma, or even genetic conditions.

Treatment of neuropathy typically starts by identifying and dealing with underlying medical problems, like diabetes. Besides pain medications and physical therapy, people with neuropathy can also use dietary supplements to improve their condition. These nerve-enhancing supplements help patients to manage the various neuropathy symptoms including pain and inflammation in the extremities, among other symptoms.

Top Nerve Supplements in 2021

Read on below to discover the top neuropathy supplements you can buy today.

Nerve Renew

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Nerve Renew by Life Renew is a $59 nerve support product that relieves neuropathy by using a mixture of ALA and B vitamins. Users are required to take two pills every day to improve their nerve health. Nerve Renew delivers its nerve-enhancing benefits by providing sufficient antioxidants in the body, thus helping to reduce numbness, discomfort, and pain.

Life Renew states that their product is more readily absorbed into the body at least two or three times quicker than its competitors. However, clients are encouraged to remain as consistent as possible by taking the Nerve Renew pills every day. Some of the expected benefits include faster pain relief, reversal of tingling and numbness feelings, and a significant energy boost.

Nerve Control 911

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The Nerve Control 911 supplement is a product of the widely respected PhytAge Labs, which is well known for producing high-quality products. This formula addresses all nerve pain and neuropathy issues associated with diabetes thanks to its wide variety of natural ingredients. Similar to other supplements included in this list, users are supposed to take two pills daily to get lasting relief from nerve pain symptoms. This product also promises to improve the function of your nervous system, reduce inflammation, and also regulate your reflexes and voluntary movements, along with other benefits.

Nerve Control comes with high-quality ingredients like passionflower, marshmallow roots, and a unique Malaysian miracle root. According to PhytAge Labs, their product is so effective that it can help people in avoiding amputation and other issues associated with nerve damage. Hence, if you wish to protect your limbs and avoid any complications that would lead to amputation, then it is worth consuming these Nerve Control pills.

PhytAge Labs is offering their highly effective nerve support product for only $69.95, which is an amazing offer since this product can help you keep your limbs. This formula is certainly among the top nerve supplements you can buy today. Read on to discover how it compares with other products included below.


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The recently launched Nervexol supplement is designed to reduce or completely eradicate your nerve pain problems. This product offers various ingredients like CoQ10, ALA, calamarine, and vitamin B1 among others. B vitamins are one of the essential ingredients in any neuropathy supplement. However, Nervexol has gone a step further and added an extra ingredient known as calamarine. Calamarine refers to a unique sea squid that is native to South American coasts. This squid is filled with omega-3 and other fatty acids, which combine to improve nerve, eye, and joint health.

The blend of calamarine and various other key organic components in Nervexol delivers a potent supplement that can rejuvenate and strengthen your nerves. Other notable benefits of taking this $69 include better sleep quality along with a significant reduction in stinging, tingling, and numbness in your legs and hands.

Nuturna Neuropathy Support Formulas

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Nuturna offers a selection of highly effective neuropathy support supplements ranging from topical relief creams to quickly absorbable pills and liquid products. One notable product in this range is their Maximum Strength formula that uses 18 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs to fight nerve pain. The capsules in this supplement contain L-arginine, turmeric, ALA, and various other beneficial organic herbal extracts.

The $43 price take of this Maximum Strength bottle makes it highly attractive for consumers interested in a low-cost, but effective nerve support product. The unique aspect of buying this product is that it contains 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is quite high as compared to other products mentioned below. This product gives you the same high dosage of active neuropathy fighting ingredients that are commonly used in various clinical trials. A common issue with most neuropathy products is that they contain effective ingredients, but they often use ineffective dosages. Fortunately, Nuturna has used potent dosages of the top minerals, herbs, and vitamins that can effectively treat nerve pain.


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Nervala is a $67 supplement that is advertised as the solution to eliminating shooting pain, numbness, and tingling. The product was created by Barton Nutrition, a popular wellness brand. Barton Nutrition says that their new formula works in a distinctive way to cool down and calm your nerves, which helps to prevent and eliminate nerve pain issues.

Nervala works by dealing with various sources of inflammation in your body that are aiding neuropathy. The supplement comes with an array of top-notch ingredients that prevent bad inflammation by fighting free radicals. These free radicals are often the cause of unhealthy inflammation and oxidation across your body. Nervala targets and neutralizes all free radicals in your body to promote healthy inflammation and reduce neuropathy symptoms. Each Nervala pill contains ALA and benfotiamine, which have been proven to improve neuropathy in numerous ways.

Nuturna Clinical Strength 900

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The other notable Nuturna neuropathy support product is their Clinical Strength 900 supplement. This $49 supplement is highly effective at dealing with nerve pain and thus, it is widely popular amongst people with neuropathy. It is often in high demand and regularly sells out in most online stores.

Similar to other Nuturna neuropathy supplements, this Clinical Strength 900 uses very strong dosages of its active ingredients. Users get 900mg of ALA along with extra strong dosages of acetyl-L-carnitine, turmeric root, L-arginine, and various other herbal and plant extracts that combat neuropathy

Nerve Rejuv

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Golden After 50 designed their Nerve Rejuv supplement to help seniors and other older people deal with neuropathy. Both non-diabetics and diabetics can benefit immensely from taking this supplement daily. Among the touted benefits include reduction of numbness and also the elimination of the nerve pain related to neuropathy.

This $59 supplement comes with a range of proven ingredients like ALA and turmeric among others. All these ingredients combine to heal and rejuvenate nerve endings to reduce nerve pain. The herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals used in all Nerve Rejuv pills can supposedly treat your nerve issues in several ways. Regular use of Nerve Rejuv may even help to eliminate pain caused by fibromyalgia and various other health conditions.

Nervogen Pro

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The $69 Nervogen Pro comes with smaller doses of its active ingredients, including corydalis, marshmallow root, passionflower, poppy seed, and prickly pear extracts. The manufacturer claims that these five ingredients can reduce tingling, pain and numbness, and many other related benefits.

However, the use of low dosages in this supplement is quite worrying. Nervogen Pro contains less than 150g of each ingredient, which is quite low when compared to other stronger dosage competitors featured above. Despite the moderately low doses of these ingredients, the manufacturer is demanding a high price for this supplement. People with mild cases of neuropathy and nerve pain can benefit from using Nervogen Pro, but others with more severe pain should consider other supplements.

Circle Labs CBD

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CBD has been shown to be quite effective for overall pain management, along with several other benefits. Circle Labs CBD has a wide collection of CBD products that range from creams and tinctures to balms and pills that could help treat nerve pain. CBD or cannabidiol interacts with your endocannabinoid system to produce numerous positive effects across the body.

The various CBD products by Circle Lab range from between $20 and $75, which makes them relatively affordable. Circle Labs says that taking or applying these supplements every day can help restore healthy nerve function. If you are in search of an alternative treatment for your neuropathy and you are not getting sufficient relief with other supplements, then CBD products from Circle Lab might be the ideal option.

Neuro Calm Pro

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The other multi-functional neuropathy supplement on this list is the $60 Neuro Calm Pro that is also designed to treat tinnitus. If you suffer from these two conditions, then you should consider investing in this product as it can treat neuropathy and tinnitus. This dietary supplement targets your ears to soothe damaged nerves, reduce nerve pain and also help to manage tinnitus.

Like other products shown above, this supplement also takes advantage of organic ingredients to treat damaged nerves. Some of the notable ingredients here include L-tyrosine, wild yam, fenugreek extract, and saw palmetto among others. Whether you want to eliminate general numbness and tingling in your feet and hands or you want an effective tinnitus supplement, then this Neuro Calm Pro can potentially help you in various ways. The manufacturer also sells a Deep Calm version of this supplement that offers similar health benefits. According to the latest sales promotion, all orders come with an extra bonus that contains soothing audio therapy files to rejuvenate and soothe your nerves.

Neuropathy No More

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Neuropathy No More is the name of the new, highly informative eBook by Blue Heron Health News. In the eBook, the author, Jodi Knapp, describes neuropathy as a choice that people have to deal with rather than a chronic, long-term problem. The author states that if you implement all the unique strategies described in their eBook, then you could likely eradicate neuropathy completely.

Some of the suggested solutions in this eBook include making lifestyle and diet adjustments to fight neuropathy. The author says that people don’t need to use costly equipment or medications as they can still get lasting relief by making some simple adjustments to their habits and lifestyles. However, since neuropathy is quite unique to different people, this eBook may not necessarily work best for everyone. Fortunately, all orders are covered by a long, 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures you get a refund if this eBook doesn’t produce the results you want.

Neuropathy Revolution

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The final neuropathy treatment option on this list is the Neuropathy Revolution, which is an affordable guide that seeks to eliminate diabetes-related nerve pain within 30 days. Similar to the other guide mentioned above, Neuropathy Revolution also features a solid refund policy. That means buyers are eligible for a convenient refund if the holistic methods used in this guide don’t improve their neuropathy symptoms.

Neuropathy Revolution costs only $37 and that low price gets you instant access to a customized 7-step system to treat chronic neuropathy. This holistic system claims to effectively treat all nerve pain issues related to diabetes, from mild to chronic severity. The creators of this guide are also running a promotion where they are adding an extra eBook known as Diabetes Protocol, which contains information on how to fix the causes of your diabetes. Both eBooks were written by Mark Fellers and they deliver immense value on managing diabetes and neuropathy.

Tips for choosing neuropathy supplements

All neuropathy supplements claim to effectively eliminate nerve pain. Nevertheless, the reality is that most supplements are not that great at eliminating the various symptoms related to neuropathy. Some products contain unproven, ineffective ingredients, while others use decent quality ingredients but are delivered at very low dosages. Hence, you must be keen when evaluating any nerve support product. Here are a few factors to consider:

Scientifically proven ingredients

The medical issue of peripheral neuropathy is quite prevalent as it affects millions of people across the world. Numerous researchers and scientists have spent many years testing and comparing different vitamins, minerals, plans, and herbal extracts among other nutrients to examine how they affect neuropathy. Hence, the top neuropathy support products should ideally use scientifically proven ingredients.

Strong doses

Ingredient dosage is another critical feature to consider when evaluating different neuropathy dietary supplements. The key here is to buy products that feature higher ingredient dosages as they deliver better effects compared to products that use very low dosages.

Value and price

Top-quality neuropathy support products can cost between $20 and $100 depending on your needs. The supplements featured above cover a diverse range of prices to ensure no one is left out when choosing a neuropathy supplement.

Clear labels

The product label is also one of the critical factors to check when evaluating different neuropathy supplements. If you suffer from diabetes or any other condition, it is essential that you are extra cautious about what you are ingesting. Some supplement firms do a great job of disclosing their dosages and ingredients upfront by listing everything on the label. However, some products don’t offer clear ingredient labeling, which means users cannot compare the supplement to clinical trials or similar products.

Advertised health benefits

Most nerve pain products claim to offer multiple health benefits from eliminating neuropathy and curing diabetes to solving nearly all health issues. However, the key here is to buy products with more honest health benefits like regulating blood sugar and supporting your nerve health. Furthermore, supplements aren’t legally allowed to state that they can prevent diseases or cure specific conditions.

Medical advisory committee

The top supplement firms have a dedicated medical advisory committee or board that is filled with licensed doctors, certified nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and various other health professionals. This board is important as it guarantees that all products are based on reliable, scientific advice.

Brand reputation

The top nerve supplements come from reputable companies that are transparent about their manufacturing processes, including ingredient sources and location. In contrast, some manufacturers don’t even disclose sufficient information about their products or their brands. Most consumers will go with reputable manufacturers when picking the top nerve supplements.

Scientific review of neuropathy products

Even though most neuropathy products haven’t been run through extensive clinical trials, there is sufficient research on individual ingredients that are used in these supplements. Read on below to find a summary of the research about some of the widely tested ingredients:


Acetyl-l-carnitine is widely used in most neuropathy products. This compound is naturally produced in the kidneys and liver. Supplements that contain this compound can boost cognitive and physical performance. According to several studies, regular intake of acetyl-l-carnitine in neuropathy products could be beneficial in relieving certain neuropathy symptoms. In one study, scientists discovered that this compound enhanced nerve function for diabetics.

B vitamins

B vitamins are also a common ingredient when you look at several neuropathy products. Some products offer vitamins B12 and B6 while others have a special mixture of complex B vitamins. During a study in 2014, scientists found that being deficient in specific B vitamins like B12 could affect your nerve function along with other complications. Hence, the addition of B vitamins helps to correct most deficiencies that people have, thus ensuring quick recovery from neuropathy.

Researchers have also evaluated whether vitamin B6 had a positive impact on neuropathy. They concluded that being deficient in this critical vitamin can result in burning pain and numbness in both the hands and legs. The solution here is to take neuropathy products that are full of both vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.


ALA is a powerful antioxidant that is used in most neuropathy dietary supplements today. Various studies show the effectiveness of ALA in relieving the discomforting pains related to neuropathy, usually within a couple of weeks. During a study in 2006, researchers administered different doses of ALA daily, ranging between 600mg to 1,800mg. The researchers found that people who took the ALA had fewer neuropathy symptoms compared to the participants that were given a placebo. In addition, the study also established that taking 300mg ALA helped to boost blood circulation to the arms and also reduce inflammation.


This mineral has been shown to assist with managing neuropathy symptoms. Magnesium is especially effective when eliminating neuropathy that has been caused by chemotherapy treatment. Nevertheless, more research is necessary to verify these findings. One study showed that patients that took magnesium supplements had fewer neuropathy symptoms.


Glutamine is among the abundant amino acids found in the body. Research shows that this compound could help to improve specific forms of neuropathy by reducing muscle pain, tingling, muscle pain, and numbness. You consume glutamine either through your neuropathy product or a dedicated glutamine supplement. Other organic sources of glutamine include egg whites, milk, corn, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. Like magnesium, glutamine can also help to lessen the severity or completely eliminate neuropathy in chemotherapy patients.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and it is increasingly found in numerous neuropathy products. Early research shows that glutathione has great potential in relieving numerous forms of neuropathy such as diabetic neuropathy and chemo-related neuropathy. The only challenge with this particular ingredient is absorption since the body digests most of the glutathione before it is absorbed. This means it is harder to use glutathione supplements.

Lifestyle factors

Besides all the various ingredients mentioned above, scientists have also found that there are other methods of managing neuropathy, which include making changes to your lifestyle and diet. Research shows that regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and engaging in more strenuous physical activities can help immensely with neuropathy. Likewise, quitting smoking can ease your neuropathy symptoms since it enhances your blood circulation. Any activity that can help to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in your body could potentially help in managing neuropathy.

In general, neuropathy can develop into a severe health issue if it is not effectively addressed on time. Hence, you should consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible once you notice that your neuropathy is getting worse. Moreover, it is worth noting that these supplements are largely designed for mild neuropathy. That means if your case is quite severe, then you may need additional medications and therapies beyond taking these supplements.

Neuropathy Supplement FAQs

Q: What is the difference between neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy?

A: Peripheral neuropathy is also called neuropathy. Hence, these two terms refer to the same condition where the peripheral nerves are damaged due to diabetes or even certain treatments such as chemotherapy.

Q: What is the difference between polyneuropathy and mononeuropathy?

A: Mono Neurotherapy means that the condition affects a single nerve while poly neurotherapy means that the issue is affecting several nerves simultaneously.

Q: What are common neuropathy symptoms?

A: Here are the common neuropathy symptoms

  • Increased touch sensitivity
  • Prickling, burning, or tingling sensation
  • Permanent or temporary numbness
  • Pain
  • Paralysis
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dysfunction in glands or organs
  • Impaired sexual function and urination

Q: What are the causes of neuropathy?

A: Nerves are essential for relaying signals between your brain and the body. When your peripheral nerves are destroyed, then your brain gets confusing signals, which results in tingling, pain, and numbness. Here are the common causes of neuropathy:

  • Systemic illnesses like diabetes
  • An injury
  • An infection
  • A genetic disorder

Q: How is neuropathy treated?

A: Neuropathy has diverse treatment options based on the patient’s current condition and the underlying causes. Some doctors will recommend a mix of physical therapy and medicines while others recommend laser therapy and application of topical ointments. Most of these treatments are aimed at managing the neuropathy symptoms rather than dealing with the root causes. That is why most neuropathy dietary supplements market themselves as extended use support supplements since they work to address the underlying causes of neuropathy.

Q: What is nerve decompression?

A: Nerve decompression is the name given to neuropathy surgery. This outpatient surgical procedure typically involves relieving compression points on the nerve, thus alleviating any neuropathy symptoms.

Q: Why is neuropathy unique in different patients?

A: Neuropathy has different effects in different patients. The symptoms typically start showing up based on the disruptions to your peripheral nerve signaling. The three primary disruptions that can occur with neuropathy include inappropriate signaling, incorrect signaling, and loss of signals.

Q: Is neuropathy painful?

A: The pain levels for patients with neuropathy range from mild discomfort to unbearable, extreme pain. If you have severe nerve damage, then it is likely that you will also experience a lot more pain.

Q: Which nerves does neuropathy disrupt?

A: Here are the primary nerves that may get disrupted due to neuropathy:

  • Autonomic nerves: These are nerves that control various subconscious activities like digestion and breathing
  • Sensory nerves: These nerves transmit various information like temperature, pain, and touch across the body
  • Motor nerves: These nerves are responsible for regulating conscious muscle movement, like talking or walking.

Q; What are the common causes of neuropathy?

A: Neuropathy is a medical condition that occurs due to damaged nerves. Nevertheless, people damage or destroy their nerves in diverse ways. The common neuropathy causes include:

  • Physical injury
  • Repetitive movements
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Blood flow issues

Other common issues: Certain forms of cancer, hormone imbalances, liver and kidney diseases, and autoimmune disorders can also cause neuropathy.

Q: How is neuropathy diagnosed?

A: Neuropathy is not easy to diagnose since different patients will often have different symptoms of varying severity. To correctly diagnose neuropathy cases, doctors have to inspect the patient’s record, take genetic samples, conduct a neurological and physical examination, along with body fluid testing. NCV tests can also be used to measure the strength of nerve signals in the body. Furthermore, some doctors may require an EMG test or nerve biopsy to check for neuropathy.

Q: Can you avoid neuropathy?

A: Neuropathy can develop into a serious health concern, and thus, it is advisable to do your best in preventing it today. Most people will find that they can easily prevent neuropathy. For instance, most neuropathy cases occur due to diabetes, which is highly preventable. Shedding some weight and avoiding diabetes can help you to avoid neuropathy.

Q: Is neuropathy caused by genetic disorders?

A: There are certain forms of neuropathy that can occur due to genetic disorders. Nevertheless, in most instances, the cause of neuropathy is unhealthy lifestyle factors rather than genetics. If you lead an unhealthy life, then you will likely develop a wide range of lifestyle diseases like diabetes which will result in neuropathy.

Q: Can pre-diabetics develop neuropathy?

A: Both pre-diabetics and diabetics are at risk of developing neuropathy. Pre-diabetics that have high blood sugar and are obese are at a greater risk of getting neuropathy.

Q: What is the top neuropathy supplement?

A: Choose from any supplement featured above to find the top-quality neuropathy supplement that you can buy.

Q: How do the neuropathy supplements featured above work?

A: Each neuropathy product that was featured on this list offers a unique way of fighting neuropathy and promoting wellness. Some products work by improving your blood circulation, while others help you to fight the causes of your neuropathy, like diabetes. Other products fill your body with plant extracts, amino acids, and various other beneficial compounds associated with neuropathy treatment.

Top Nerve Supplements in 2021 Conclusion

Neuropathy can be quite uncomfortable and painful, but it is a manageable condition if you use suitable treatments. The nerve supplements shown above are ideal for managing this condition. These products not only treat the damaged nerves and underlying conditions but also boost nerve health across your body.

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