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EcoCel Reviews – Obvious Scam or Legit Device That Works?

EcoCel is a device that reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 55%.

After installing the device in your car’s auxiliary power outlet (the cigarette lighter), you can save money on gas without changing your driving habits.

Does EcoCel really work? How does EcoCel work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about EcoCel and its effects.

What is EcoCel?

EcoCel is a fuel efficiency device sold exclusively on the official website. The device claims to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles by as much as 55%. Just install EcoCel in your vehicle, then reduce fuel consumption without changing your driving habits.

Other vehicle efficiency devices plug into your OBD-II port, a small port to the lower left of your steering wheel. However, EcoCel works differently: you plug the device into your vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet (also known as the cigarette lighter). Then, EcoCel reduces the fuel consumption of your vehicle without changing your driving habits.

The makers of EcoCel claim to have spent “years of research and development” creating EcoCel. Today, anyone can buy the device online.

EcoCel is priced at around $40 per unit. After installing the device in your vehicle, it tracks your driving habits for 150 miles. Then, EcoCel makes subtle adjustments to your vehicle’s power draw, purportedly boosting fuel efficiency by 20% to 55%.

How Does EcoCel Work?

The makers of EcoCel are confident their device works as advertised to not only improve fuel efficiency but also lower emissions and improve horsepower.


The makers of EcoCel claim the device can lead to the following benefits:

  • Saves money at the gas pump
  • Improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by 20% to 55%
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Works in any vehicle with an auxiliary power outlet (a cigarette lighter)
  • Lowers emissions
  • Improves horsepower

The device is designed to be as easy as possible to use. Instead of modifying your vehicle’s electronics or changing your driving habits, you simply plug EcoCel into your cigarette lighter, then let the device run.

EcoCel does not work immediately. You need to drive for around 150 miles with EcoCel in your auxiliary power outlet. After 150 miles, EcoCel has enough data to tune your vehicle for lower fuel consumption.

According to customer testimonials on the official website, one man improved the fuel efficiency of his 12+-year-old vehicle from 35 to 47mpg after installing EcoCel.

What Does EcoCel Do?

The makers of EcoCel provide limited information about what EcoCel does to your vehicle. Similar devices use your OBD-II port to subtly adjust how your vehicle uses power. The makers of EcoCel make similar claims about their device, although the website has no information about the technology behind EcoCel, what it does to your vehicle through your auxiliary power outlet, and how it adjusts your car’s behavior in any way.

Other cigarette lighter vehicle optimization systems adjust the power draw of your vehicle. They make vague claims about “stabilizing the electrical current” going to your vehicle’s electrical control unit (ECU). However, the makers of EcoCel provide no further information about what their device does or how it works.

Your vehicle’s OBD-II port is connected to the computer in your car. Every vehicle made in the last 30 years has an OBD-II port. When you want to tune your vehicle, you use your OBD-II port. That’s how OBD-II devices improve fuel efficiency.

Your vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet, however, is just a power outlet. It uses your vehicle’s battery to provide power to your vehicle. You can charge a smartphone or run a power cord from the auxiliary power outlet. It’s possible this auxiliary power outlet connects to the computer or chip within your vehicle. However, it should not work like an OBD-II port.

After installing EcoCel in your power outlet, the light on the device turns on. Beyond that, however, it’s unclear what the device does. The makers of EcoCel claim it tracks your driving habits over 150 miles and makes subtle adjustments to your vehicle’s power draw. However, the makers of EcoCel don’t explain how the device tracks mileage through the power outlet.

Despite the lack of evidence, the makers of EcoCel claim their product has been featured in major media like Lifehacker, Wired, Car And Driver, and Popular Mechanics. We reached out to these outlets and found no evidence of any article, feature, or story covering EcoCel.

Overall, there’s no information online about how EcoCel uses your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to improve fuel efficiency or change your driving habits. Despite the lack of evidence, the makers of EcoCel insist their device will raise fuel efficiency by a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 55% on any vehicle.


How Cigarette Lighter Vehicle Optimization Devices Work

It’s true that you can optimize fuel efficiency through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Cigarette lighter vehicle optimization devices have been sold online for over 10 years.

It’s possible EcoCel can improve fuel efficiency in a small way through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. However, most devices cannot optimize fuel efficiency by 55%. Even the 20% minimum advertised on the EcoCel website seems unrealistic.

Here’s how cigarette lighter vehicle optimization devices work:

  • Devices like EcoCel work in vehicles with 12-volt systems, which includes most modern vehicles
  • The device plugs into a vehicle’s power outlet and stabilizes the electrical current flowing to the electrical control unit (ECU)
  • The ECU is the computer that controls the engine’s fuel injection and ignition systems
  • By stabilizing the electrical current, devices like EcoCel can improve gas mileage

To stabilize the electrical current, devices like EcoCel purportedly mitigate electrical interference from the stereo, lights, air conditioning, and other areas; electrical interference from these areas can negatively impact the ECU’s ability to optimize fuel efficiency and fuel injection

Other cigarette lighter vehicle optimization devices sold online have advertised fuel efficiency boosts of up to 18%. However, EcoCel blasts these claims out of the water, claiming users can improve fuel efficiency by 20% to 55% after installing EcoCel.

The makers of EcoCel even claim that their device improves horsepower and lowers emissions – something that most other vehicle optimization devices don’t claim to do.

That all sounds good – but there’s no evidence that EcoCel and other cigarette lighter vehicle optimization systems work as advertised. Modern vehicles are already highly efficient. They’re optimized at every square inch for maximum fuel efficiency. Electrical interference does not significantly reduce fuel efficiency, and there’s no evidence you can improve fuel efficiency by adjusting the electrical current of your vehicle through your cigarette lighter.

Overall, we’re skeptical EcoCel has any impact on fuel efficiency, gas mileage, or vehicle performance as advertised on the EcoCel sales page.


Test Results for EcoCel

According to the EcoCel website, drivers will improve their vehicle’s efficiency by 20% to 55% after installing EcoCel. The website also claims you can lower emissions and improve horsepower.

The makers of EcoCel don’t describe how the device works or what it does to your vehicle. The company also does not provide any tests, trials, or studies proving it works as advertised.

It’s unclear if the makers of EcoCel have tested the device on any vehicles to verify it works. However, they seem confident it boosts the efficiency of all types of vehicles.

One customer quoted on the EcoCel sales page claims he raised fuel efficiency from 35 to 47mpg after installing EcoCel. That man used a 2009 Honda Accord. However, the website provides no other details about mpg improvements.

Overall, there’s limited information online proving EcoCel works as advertised.

EcoCel Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Generally, customers have good things to say about EcoCel. Most customers agree that it works as advertised to significantly improve fuel efficiency. People claim to have increased fuel efficiency on everything from gas guzzlers to smaller cars.

Because EcoCel is a new device, there are few reviews outside of the official website. Here are some of the reviews on EcoCel from the official website:

One man claims his 2009 Honda Accord had an average mpg of around 35. He wanted to improve it, so he installed EcoCel. After installing EcoCel, his mpg improved to 47mpg. That man claims he made no other changes to his vehicle. He checked the pressure in his tires, but he did not claim to change the pressure of his tires. In other words, EcoCel alone improved his fuel efficiency from 35 to 47mpg.

One mechanic cited on the EcoCel sales page claims EcoCel works as advertised to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles. He claims EcoCel works “by improving my car’s fuel system,” allowing drivers to “only pay for the fuel you consume.”

Another woman describes EcoCel as the best purchase she ever made, claiming she saves hundreds at the pump every year when refueling her “gas guzzler.”

One man claims EcoCel is an easy way to save money at the pump. He claims you could take your car to a mechanic for a tune-up, but that EcoCel will allow you to achieve a greater level of fuel optimization than you would get with a mechanic tune-up.

EcoCel Pricing

EcoCel is priced around $40 per unit, with discounts available when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered from the official website:

  • 1 x EcoCel: $39.98 + Shipping
  • 2 x EcoCels: $59.97 + Free Shipping
  • 3 x EcoCels: $79.96 + Free Shipping

You can buy an extended two-year warranty for an extra $6.95. The company claims this warranty protects your device for two years, but they also claim it “means your product is covered for life.” It’s unclear if it’s a two-year warranty or a lifetime warranty.

The company also claims it takes up to 29 days to ship your EcoCel.


EcoCel Refund Policy

The makers of EcoCel do not disclose their refund policy upfront. However, the company vaguely claims to offer some types of refunds within 30 days:

“We’re so confident the EcoCel works that we’re willing to offer this risky (for us) guarantee…Guaranteed Savings in 30 Days or Your Money Back.”

However, the company also claims it takes 29 days to ship EcoCel to your address. If the 30-day refund window starts the day you order your EcoCel, you will be unable to obtain a refund. If it starts the day you receive your EcoCel, then it may be possible to receive a refund.

Overall, EcoCel seems to have an unusually strict refund policy compared to other vehicle optimization devices sold online today.

About EcoCel

The makers of EcoCel provide limited information about themselves, their manufacturing location, or their team. However, you can contact the makers of EcoCel via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 855-227-0908

EcoCel Final Word

EcoCel is a vehicle optimization device sold online. The device claims to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 55%.

Just plug EcoCel into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter (the auxiliary power outlet) to start improving fuel efficiency. One customer cited on the official website claims to have improved fuel efficiency from 35 to 47mpg after installing EcoCel. The makers of EcoCel also claim their device has been featured in Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, and other major media.

Unfortunately, EcoCel seems like more of a scam than a legitimate product. There’s no evidence anyone has improved fuel efficiency by 55% after installing EcoCel, and the refund policy seems unusually strict compared to other products sold online today (you have 30 days to return EcoCel but the product takes 29 days to ship). There’s also no evidence EcoCel has been featured in major automotive or science media outlets.

To learn more about EcoCel or to buy the device online today.

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