MemoDefend Review: Obvious Ripoff or Real Results?

MemoDefend is a health supplement designed to recover from memory loss and cognitive decline using several powerful ingredients. Regular consumption of MemoDefend can purportedly eradicate degenerative brain ailments, reverse your memory loss and provide various other notable benefits. Thomas Taylor created this dietary supplement after extensive research into promoting healthy brain and memory function.

Thomas Taylor discovered that most people could not access the full capacity of their memory and overall brain power. He explains the various strategies for improving memory, enhancing recollection, and optimizing your brain function. After creating and taking MemoDefend, Taylor says that his overall health has significantly improved. Learn more about MemoDefend here below.

Introducing MemoDefend

MemoDefend is a pioneering nutritional supplement aimed at older people dealing with memory loss, degenerative brain diseases, and dementia. The supplement has purportedly helped close to 100,000 people worldwide to restore their damaged memories. Thomas Taylor, the creator of MemoDefend, says that his mom recovered from complete memory loss thanks to a daily intake of MemoDefend. It was an amazing recovery, given that his mom often struggled with remembering her children’s names.

The MemoDefend Story

Thomas Taylor created MemoDefend after seeing his mother struggling with her memory loss. Doctors had recommended multiple treatments, including prescription medications and others. However, Thomas believed that the solution to her mother’s memory problems lays in alternative therapies instead of conventional treatments.

After an accident where his mom almost harmed her granddaughter during a fire, Thomas knew that he had to find a good solution quickly. He started by researching all the natural treatments for memory loss, degenerative brain diseases, and Alzheimer’s. During that extensive research, he discovered the ingredients that would later be used to create MemoDefend.

Thomas witnessed his mother make an amazing full recovery and was able to regain her lost memories. Despite suffering from severe brain disease, his mom completely recovered all her lost memories within a few weeks of supplementing this product. Thomas was motivated by how successful MemoDefend was for his mother that he decided to share that innovative formula with others.

Tips to Enhance Cognitive Function

Thomas Taylor has explained the five effective strategies for improving memory and cognitive function, and they include the following:

  • Getting sufficient sleep: Improving your sleep quality is vital to supporting a healthy brain and maintaining a sharp memory. Getting enough sleep will rejuvenate your brain so that you can easily store and access new information. Taking regular naps also boosts your recollection ability.
  • Laugh as often as possible: Laughter is highly beneficial since it can activate various parts of your brain and boost your memory. Furthermore, listening to jokes can even activate the learning and creativity parts in your brain.
  • Don’t consume toxic substances: Drug use can impair your healthy brain function. It would help if you planned to quit taking alcohol or smoking to maintain optimal cognitive function.
  • Drink lots of water: Your brain requires lots of water to stay performing at its optimal peak. Dehydration can impair attention, physical performance and affect your memory abilities.

Read your books out loud: This simple activity helps you memorize things faster and, thus, boosts your memory function.

How MemoDefend works

MemoDefend works by providing your body with powerful antioxidants that prevent inflammation. Vitamin C is an essential ingredient here that provides potent antioxidants. Several studies have shown that consuming vitamin C-rich nutrition can support your immune system and reduce your vulnerability to disease. The antioxidants in vitamin C neutralize and eliminate free radicals in your mind and body, thus preventing inflammation.

There is also plenty of amazing vitamin B12 in MemoDefend. Most older adults do not have enough vitamin B12 in their bodies, which often results in several cognitive and physical negative effects. Vitamin B12 is vital for red blood cell production and various other bodily functions. Vegans and vegetarians are at a high risk of developing a deficiency of this essential vitamin since it is mainly available from meat.

MemoDefend Ingredients

The makers of MemoDefend have disclosed the complete list of all the ingredients contained in their supplement. However, the precise dosage of what is included in this proprietary formula is not disclosed. That means that we know all the ingredients contained in this supplement, but not the exact dosages. The primary ingredients in MemoDefend include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12

Other notable ingredients include Hawthorn leaf, olive leaf, garlic bulb, uva ursi leaf, buchu leaf, juniper berry, green tea extract, and hibiscus flower. MemoDefend also contains silicone dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate.


Scientific evidence and proof for MemoDefend

Like most natural supplements, MemoDefend hasn’t done any clinical research and trials to prove its authenticity in reversing memory loss and degenerative brain diseases. It is also worth noting that the company has also not tested this supplement on animals or humans to prove its safety. Nevertheless, Thomas Taylor successfully used this product to treat his mom’s memory loss.

Doctors had diagnosed Thomas Taylor’s mother with advanced memory loss, which was quickly getting worse daily. Fortunately, Thomas says that MemoDefend successfully eliminated that brain disease, and his mother is now much better. If that claim is true, then MemoDefend is a must-have product for anyone with any cognitive health issues like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and all other mental disorders that cause memory loss.

Thomas Taylor claims that the primary reason he didn’t submit his research to medical journals is that most big pharmaceutical firms don’t want people to know the cure. These big pharmaceutical organizations make millions of dollars from selling brain medications, and thus they are on the frontline to suppress helpful brain supplements like the new MemoDefend. However, the ingredients used in this nutritional supplement have all been studied, and their benefits towards increasing brain capacity and function are well known.

Rather than releasing research on MemoDefend, the manufacturer has cited over 20 studies to prove the effectiveness of all the ingredients contained in the formula. Different researchers did all these studies, and they contained varying dosages than what is present in MemoDefend. Most of the studies displayed the massive potential of the ingredients to support mental health and other cognitive benefits.

The primary ingredient that gives MemoDefend its brain-boosting effects is the B12 vitamin. This supplement gives you significantly more amounts of Vitamin B12 than your daily recommended dosage. This is very beneficial since it has been proven that most adults have deficient amounts of this critical vitamin in their bodies. When you don’t have enough vitamin B12, your mind is more susceptible to developing cognitive issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can even cause other conditions like osteoporosis and heart complications.

Due to all those effects, many health experts recommend adults to take vitamin B12 supplements. MemoDefend provides your body all the vitamin B12 that it needs to maintain optimal mental and physical health. Most importantly, it contains higher servings of vitamin B12 than you would typically get in a regular vitamin supplement.

According to Harvard Health, a deficiency in vitamin B12 may catch you unaware, but its effects are highly damaging to your body. That is because vitamin B12 is vital for maintaining a wide variety of mental and physical conditions, including incontinence and delusions to memory loss, and many other conditions. If you’re unsure about your vitamin B12 intake, then MemoDefend is the perfect supplement that can help prevent you from being deficient in this critical nutrient.

MemoDefend also contains a significant dosage of vitamin C as part of its ingredients. Vitamin C deficiency is associated with cognitive decline and dementia in older people. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants and is well known for preventing age-related diseases. This vitamin also plays an essential role in minimizing aging symptoms and promoting good skin health. Most anti-aging products and skin creams typically contain vitamin C as it helps to maintain your youthful look.

A recent study analyzed the link between Alzheimer’s disease and vitamin C. The scientists concluded that the vitamin C nutrient had a significant neuroprotective effect by trapping free radicals and preventing inflammation in the brain. If you are not getting sufficient vitamin C every day, particularly through natural sources like fruits, it is recommended to consider supplementation.

MemoDefend also contains a mixture of effective herbal extracts that have been served at their most optimum dosages. Hawthorn extract is the first notable herbal extract in this innovative formula. This extract is typically found in anti-aging and nootropic supplements due to its anti-aging and brain-boosting effects. Like vitamin C, hawthorn extract targets the free radicals across your brain and body, thus preventing unhealthy inflammation. The various other herb extracts in MemoDefend, like uva ursi and buchu leaf, are included in low doses.

In general, all the ingredients used in MemoDefend have great value in supporting healthy aging. Nevertheless, there is still no direct scientific evidence that this supplement can completely reverse all memory loss complications, as the official site claims. However, if the purported benefits are true, this product will do wonders for anyone suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and various other degenerative brain conditions. Furthermore, since the natural ingredients are included in optimal doses, there should be no adverse effects for anyone who wants to take these pills.

MemoDefend Prices

You can buy one bottle of MemoDefend online for $69. However, the price drops to either $49 or $59 if you order more bottles. Here are the discounted MemoDefend prices:

  • 6 bottles at $294 with free shipping
  • 3 bottles at $177 with free shipping
  • 1 bottle at $69 with free shipping

MemoDefend Money Back Guarantee

MemoDefend is backed by a strong refund policy of 60 days. If your memory or that of your loved one is not reversed within the first two months of this supplement, then you can get a full refund without any hassles.

Who Made MemoDefend?

MemoDefend was created by 53-year-old Thomas Taylor, a San Francisco native. Thomas thought of developing this supplement as an alternative treatment for correcting his mother’s degenerative brain condition. His formula successfully treated that memory loss in his mom, and he decided to sell it to others to help millions of people in a similar situation.

While Thomas Taylor does not share his medical qualifications or nutritional supplement experience, he says that his product is backed by extensive research into its ingredients. MemoDefend is likely made in America a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility.

MemoDefend works by restoring damaged memory across all people regardless of the current state of their mental conditions. Take two pills of this nutritional supplement daily, and the potent ingredients in MemoDefend work to eradicate brain disease, restore memory and reverse all the symptoms of degenerative cognitive conditions.

Most importantly, MemoDefend works without requiring users to make changes to their lifestyle, whether by adding new diets or exercises. This supplement apparently works well regardless of your current condition. MemoDefend even works exceptionally for people who are often considered to be too bad to get any treatment.


MemoDefend is designed to give users a strong and healthy memory. This supplement targets brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and other conditions that cause memory loss. The goal of this product is to help adults regain their memories and live normal, happy lives. Natural supplementation has been shown to have significant benefits in improving overall health. This memory-boosting supplement is therefore worth considering for anyone with memory issues.

As mentioned above, MemoDefend gets most of its benefits from vitamin C and vitamin B12, which have been shown to support healthy aging. According to the creators, MemoDefend is locally sourced from vetted organic firms that do not use artificial herbicides, which assures clients that they will not be putting any unnatural products into their bodies. Users get 60 days to try out this formula and are protected by a solid refund policy.

To learn more about MemoDefend, visit the official company website for more.


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