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ProstaMend Reviews – Do Prostate Pills Work to Fix BPH or Scam?

Prostate problems are more than just frustrating; they can be potentially life-threatening. For most people, however, the main issue associated with prostate health is one of embarrassment, not health alone. Prostamend is a supplement which claims to be able to “fix BPH and save your prostate.” The site begins with an appeal to the high level of embarrassment associated with prostate problems, especially in advanced age.

The speaker on the website recounts a story of when their father urinated all over himself and passed out while walking their sister down the aisle. The description is understandably just as vivid as it sounds. The goal seems to be to demonstrate to readers the embarrassment and shock associated with losing control of your bladder. This is, of course, one major side effect of prostate hyperplasia, or BPH. This condition leads to sexual problems, trouble controlling the bladder, and more. For the website speaker’s father, the more significant side effect was a loss of his independence and the embarrassment that comes with it.

As the product website is quick to point out, men over the age of forty are at an increased risk of developing prostate problems, and the condition is even more common in the modern era than ever before. Additionally, the site is extremely critical of traditional prostate medications. The accuse “Big Pharma” of “shoving” prostate drugs down consumer throats, despite the “clear evidence of deadly side effects.” While we still believe traditional medication has its place in prostate treatment plans, it is nevertheless undeniable that these drugs do have a few notable side effects.

The result of the research behind this supplement was the “biggest prostate relief discovery of the century.” Like many supplements in this market, its formula uses a number of natural ingredients to provide an alternative treatment to people suffering from a variety of potential prostate issues. The formula is especially interested in addressing the inflammation associated with many of these pseudo-conditions of the prostate.

You should always do extensive research before using any new supplement, especially if you’re experiencing problems with your prostate. This review will outline everything that the average consumer should know about Prostamend, a leading new prostate health supplement being marketed online.

What is ProstaMend?

ProstaMend claims to be a unique BPH supplement that includes 32 extracts from specific plants, minerals, and herbs, and all work to eliminate the risk of developing bladder and kidney problems, as well as urinary tract infections. ProstaMend gives men their life back by repairing the prostate and helping them remain healthy and get their lives around.

How Do Prostate Problems Begin?

Prostate problems and an inflamed prostate appear as a result of abnormal DHT levels. DHT is converted from testosterone and becomes a much more potent hormone. With higher levels, it then binds to the prostate’s androgen receptors. These receptors regulate DHT and other hormones. They ensure the prostate remains healthy. Yet when too many are triggered due to DHT’s presence in the higher amounts, the body responds naturally in defense mode with inflammation. This leads to sleepless nights and frequent trips to the bathroom, a full bladder feeling, an inability to empty the bladder, or maintaining urine flow. Now that this information is realized, one may think the logical thing to do to keep these receptors from causing inflammation in the prostate. Men who suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are at higher risk of developing bladder stones, urinary tract infections, other urinary problems, and eventually erectile dysfunction (ED) and a possibility of kidney failure.

This is how much pressure an inflamed prostate places on the bladder. But, as mentioned above, inflammation in the prostate is merely a defense mechanism. When this happens, white blood cells’ chemicals start to work to protect the body from invaders. DHT is a very aggressive and potent type of testosterone; increased levels of it cause the body to respond and inflame the cells of the prostate, which leads to pain when the bladder is not empty or having a constant urge to go to the bathroom, the bladder may even be open. Yet, the desire to go can be overwhelming. Therefore, the answer to this problem is finding a way to end the inflammation of the prostate.

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How Does ProstaMend Work?

BPH is caused by prostate cells that are inflamed because of high DHT levels in the body. According to the creator of ProstaMend, the good news is that the supplement includes potent ingredients that, as soon as they have entered the bloodstream, are sent directly to the reproductive system and stop DHT from inflaming the prostate cells. ProstaMend claims to be a unique formulation of herbs, minerals, and plants that fall ingredients known to relieve the prostate of dangerous and excruciating symptoms. The nutrients from this supplement’s ingredients are said to eliminate prostate cells’ inflammation and keep the prostate healthy.

How Do ProstaMend Ingredients Work?

ProstaMend claims to be incredibly useful in eliminating prostate inflammation and enlarged prostates because it contains all the right ingredients. Here’s how these ingredients work, in 4 steps:

Step 1 – The body absorbs the nutrients.

This critical step is essential for prostate relief. ProstaMend is said to contain only pure ingredients sourced from top locations. According to the supplement’s manufacturers, these ingredients are effectively and rapidly absorbed into the body. Moreover, they’re 100% natural, which makes their absorption even easier. There are 32 extracts from specific plants, minerals, and herbs in this formula, and all are said to eliminate the risk of developing bladder and kidney problems, as well as urinary tract infections. Moreover, all these ingredients have been missing from people’s diets for decades now, so the system is sure to absorb their nutrients almost instantly, meaning ProstaMend floods the body “disease-fighters” or “natural healers” ingredients. Proper absorption is significant for consuming any health product, and ProstaMend promises to ensure it.

Step 2 – DHT begins to be flushed out.

The nutrients in ProstaMend are claimed to eliminate the DHT that has accumulated in the system for decades. 3 superstar ingredients work against the build-up of DHT. These are:

Annona Muricata

Also called the killer of DHT, Annona Muricata has massive effects of combating the build-up of DHT and stopping BPH from either developing or advancing further.

Saw Palmetto

This unique DHT blocker also protects the bladder against infections, not to mention that it’s known to reduce hair loss.

Stinging Nettle

This DHT blocking ingredient is known to be of great help when it comes to combating BPH.

ProstaMend’s manufacturers say all the ingredients will help the body eliminate DHT with every trip to the bathroom.

Step 3 – The rejuvenation of the prostate

This is the step every man with a prostate problem should take because it leads to wonderful things. First of all, the prostate is not inflamed anymore, which means everything returns to normal.

Ingredients that contribute to the rejuvenation of the prostate:

Broccoli and Green Tea Extracts

These ingredients promote bladder health, helping with no longer having to go to the bathroom all night long and not suffer from pain anymore. These plants not only ensure the bladder is empty and the urine flow is normal, but they also rejuvenate the blood by cleansing all the toxic bacteria.

Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi Japanese Mushrooms, and Red Raspberry

All these ingredients destroy every toxic bacterium that has been present in the blood for decades. They purify the system and oxygenate the blood so that the reproductive system is 100% clean.

Pygeum Africanum and Annona Muricata

Works to restore manhood, support the reproductive system’s health, and even stimulate the bladder to function properly. But what they’re best for is treating, healing, and repairing the reproductive system’s cells; they also both increase libido.

Step 4 – The body is shielded against prostate disease.

This last touch is also essential. The ingredients that protect the body from the prostate disease are:

Zinc, Copper, and Selenium

Copper, Selenium, and Zinc are 2 essential minerals for men in their 50s or older because they reduce the risk of developing prostate diseases, especially if they’re taken when consumers are in their early 40s. Moreover, BPH is no longer deadly. While many health supplements contain these minerals on the market, the problem is that they’re very diluted and of low quality; the main ingredients are used in too low amounts for prostate health issues to be corrected.

Why ProstaMend?

ProstaMend wants to give men their health and self-confidence back. Besides, it is a risk-free investment with a money-back guarantee. This supplement is also said to be manufactured in a GMP and FDA-certified facility under the highest hygiene standards.

Why Is ProstaMend Worth Buying?

Getting each ingredient that ProstaMend contains would be very expensive. Besides, it would be impossible to consume enough of these herbs, plants, and minerals bioavailable in the formula, as substantial amounts would have to be ingested. ProstaMend contains extracts of the most powerful ingredients for prostate health at the perfect concentrations, meaning it makes them bioavailable for the body. Using ProstaMend is supposed to end up consuming synthetic pills that have hazardous side effects and don’t even address the problem’s root cause. Moreover, it’s said to benefit from altogether avoiding going under surgery, which many men desire the most.

Who Should Use ProstaMend?

ProstaMend is a product for adult men, but women should not take it at all. While it’s unlikely for young men to have prostate issues, those in their early 40s who want to prevent developing BPH can use this supplement without any issues. ProstaMend promises to do a great job for those who are already suffering from this condition. It has to be used regularly, and as indicated on its bottle to bring about the health benefits it promises to deliver. Individual results may vary, of course, as bodies of people are unique and obviously different, meaning they won’t react the same to the ingredients in the formula. Young men who haven’t reached 18 should not use this supplement, whereas those suffering from one or more chronic conditions and have been prescribed medication for their ailments need to talk with their doctor before use.

Purchase ProstaMend

ProstaMend can be purchased from the ProstaMend official website, where it’s offered at discounted prices and comes with a money-back guarantee. Here are the current prices for ProstaMend:

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A 60-day money-back guarantee also covers all products. This means unsatisfied customers can return them for a full refund, yet this only within 60 days from purchase. There’s no need to contact the ProstaMend customer service to obtain a refund, as product deliveries also include a Return and Refund Form that can be filled and sent, together with the bottles for the return, to the following address:

37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112

The money for refunds may take 3 to 5 business days to appear back in the customer’s bank account. ProstaMend customer service can be sent an email with any question or inquiry about the supplement at:

  • Email:

Is ProstaMend Prostate Supplement Right For You?

While you should still do your own research, what we’ve read is extremely positive for this supplement. The ingredients listed in this product’s formula are backed by at least some scientific research. It seems to be the case that using this supplement might help to decrease size and swelling in the prostate. The impact of this kind of result is clear; prostate inflammation is a major cause of incontinence, as well as a whole host of additional issues.

We do want to recommend that you run any new supplement past your primary care physician before use. It does seem to be true that this natural supplement might be capable of improving your condition, but there is no substitute for the advice of a genuine medical professional. Combining supplementation with traditional medication might be the best way to go.

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