The Cold Plunge Reviews: Legit Ice Bath Tub Really Worth Buying?

Coldwater can augment your overall well-being in multiple ways. Getting cold baths and showers is popular today. The Cold Plunge, otherwise known as Plunge, is innovative cold water first featured in 2020.

The Plunge is easy to set up, allowing you to enjoy cold water anytime you desire. Similarly, it is ideal for augmenting multiple aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. Is Plunge beneficial? What is its price? Continue reading this review to discover whether this cold therapy solution is worth the hype.

What is The Plunge (Cold Plunge)?


You can get Cold Plunge via their official website thecoldplunge.com. The online company offers a series of cold immersion tubs and accessories to enrich your health.

The founders claim that immersing yourself in the cold tub exposes your system to cold temperatures, thus opening various health benefits.

According to the creators, the Cold Plunge aims to make cold immersion “as common as coffee.” Thus, the Sacramento-based company seeks to deliver high-quality and reliable cold water tubs.

Some ancient cultures exposed their children and warriors to extreme cold weather to unlock resilience and boost their immunity. Multiple clinical trials indicate that a cold temperature accelerates your metabolic rates, increasing your energy levels. Similarly, the lower temperatures speed up recovery, particularly after strenuous activities. Also, cold water can relax your system, thus allowing you to get quality sleep, among other benefits.

The Cold Plunge lineup of products gives you the luxury of immersing your body in an innovative bathtub. Instead of adding ice to a typical bathroom tub or trashcan, the Plunge allows you to relax in a state-of-the-art tub.

Since its inception in 2020, Cold Plunge has been reputable in offering multiple products, including:

  • Original Plunge priced at $4990
  • Plunge Pro XL priced at $6990
  • Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL priced at $7490

Benefits of Cold Plunging

Cold-water immersion is not a new concept. Most cultures, such as the Scandinavians, support cold dips to improve blood flow, eliminate toxins and release endorphins for better moods. Clinical studies indicate that cold plunging can augment your health in multiple ways, including:

Accelerate Recovery after Physical Activities

Limited studies indicate that cold plunging can ease muscle soreness after strenuous activities. In one clinical trial, a group of athletes had cold-water therapy after training. After some time, the group of participants had better muscle health. Similarly, ice baths effectively boost performance and lower unhealthy inflammations, thus accelerating recovery.

Improve Mental Health

According to some experts, cold plunging can stimulate the release of “happy” hormones, thus alleviating symptoms of depression. Similarly, cold-water therapy can increase mental energy by accelerating metabolic rates. Consequently, it can help improve stamina, resilience, focus, and clarity.

Boost Energy Levels

Some people cite that having a cold plunge in the morning provides them with energy for extended periods. According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, ice baths and cold stress trigger the production of norepinephrine. The neurotransmitter is crucial in increasing energy levels, focus, and attention. Better energy levels are critical in enhancing overall performance and alleviating brain fog.

Augment Moods

Multiple studies indicate that low norepinephrine levels increase stress and anxiety levels. A cold plunge effectively stimulates the production of norepinephrine, therefore, lowering depression, anxiety, and stress.

Fortify Resilience and Build Stamina

Some people use cold-water therapy to build their resilience. The cold plunge allows your body to push itself to higher limits. The first cold therapy can be challenging, and you may not last inside for over one minute. However, everyday cold plunges help you build your physical and mental toughness with practice.

Improve Blood Circulation

Cold-water therapy can benefit your overall blood circulatory system. Cold plunges constrict and relax your blood vessels, thus augmenting your cardiac health.

Fortify Immunity

According to some studies, cold-water therapy can improve your overall immune response. Cold plunges support the production of white blood cells, thus boosting your immunity n the long run. Some medical claims indicate that people getting regular cold plunges have better resistance to upper respiratory infections.

Support Weight Loss

Some supporters of cold plunges claim that they can stimulate fat oxidation, thus supporting weight loss. However, the proponents recommend pairing cold-water therapy with healthy diets and lifestyles to get significant weight loss results.

Better Sleep Quality

Cold plunges relax you both physically and mentally, thus aiding you in getting quality sleep. The cold-water therapy interacts with the nervous system, thus allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

The Cold Plunge Lineup of Products

The Plunge

The Plunge promises to provide you with clean water whenever you desire, Featuring cooling, filtration, and sanitation systems. According to the maker, it provides users with a safer and classic cold bath therapy instead of ice baths or a chest freezer. In addition, the Plunge is much cleaner than other cold bath alternatives.

The Plunge is easy to set up and maintain. You do not require professional help you fix the cold bath. The formulator recommends that you place it indoors or outdoors. After that, fill it up with water using a hosepipe. You can set up the temperatures you wish, as low as 39F or 3.9 degrees. Subsequently, get in and enjoy the cold-water therapy for a few minutes.

You can opt for the two Plunge versions, i.e., the typical Cold Plunge or Hot & Cold Plunge. The former only supports cold baths, while the latter offers users the option of having hot or cold bath soaks.

Plunge Pro XL

The Plunge Pro XL is an improved and more innovative Plunge version. The improved version is designed for style and comfort, featuring 3 inches taller, 6 inches longer, and 1.5 inches wider than the typical Plunge. It has unique features to give users luxury, comfort, and style.

The Plunge Pro XL also has an inbuilt chiller for additional cooling power. Similarly, users can opt for the Pro XL Hot and Cold version for cold and hot water therapy sessions.

The Plunge Accessories and Supplies

The Cold Plunge provides customers with extra accessories and supplies to keep your Plunge in good working condition for smooth running. These include:

Residential Maintenance Package

As the name suggests, it is a comprehensive 6-months package to ensure your plunge remains in great working condition. These include filters, sanitizers, oxidizers, and pH. balancers, alkalinity balancers, and testing strips. With the residential maintenance package, you are assured of cold plunging into a clean and safe cold bath.

Carbon Hose Filter

The Plunge creators recommend filtering the water coming out of your plunge to remove traces of contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals. The carbon hose filter is designed to perform the filtration functions.

Six Pack of Filters

The Plunge can accumulate dirt and debris, thus reducing the efficiency of the tub. Similarly, high volumes of dirty pose a serious health risk to users. The six-pack of filters allows you to change the filters for maximum efficiency.

Sirona Spa Care Sanitizer

The Sirona sanitizer allows you to maintain a healthy Plunge system without harsh chemicals. Compared to other sanitizers, it is approved by EPA and contains zero chlorine and bromine elements.

Sirona Spa Care Test Strips

The Cold Plunge offers multiple test strips for analyzing calcium levels and pH. Priced at $25, you get 25 test strips. Values, alkalinity, and sanitation.

Sirona Oxidizer

Sirona sanitizer plus Sirona oxidizer guarantees the water in your Plunge system remains clean and free from harmful chemicals. Research indicates that oxidation is the best method of keeping water clean compared to chlorination.

Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner

The Surface Cleaner helps you clean the Plunge surfaces for extra health benefits. Each bottle comprises 16oz liquid to clean the surfaces and Plunge material.

Sirona Alkalinity

It allows you to maintain stable pH. values in the Plunge system.

Measuring Tablespoon/Teaspoon

The calibrated teaspoons and tablespoons allow you to add maintenance substances to the water in precise measurements.

Sirona pH. Down

Featuring a 20oz bottle, it aims at keeping the pH. values of your Plunge optimal (7.2 – 7.8).

Tablet/Phone Mount

The Plunge is built for comfort compared to standard water tubs. The tablet/phone mount allows you to stream videos, play music, or follow guided cold plunging guides while immersed in water. You attach the mount outside the Plunge for safety.

Features and Benefits of the Cold Plunge


The Cold Plunge system features certain characteristics for added style, comfort, and shape compared with similar products in the market. Some of the benefits and features of the Cold Plunge include:

365-Days Factory Guarantee (One Year Warranty)

The Cold Plunge is confident that customers will find their lineup of products effective. Accordingly, each product comes with a new-year warranty, and customers can extend the satisfaction guarantee for up to 5 years at additional costs.

Insulated Spa Cover

The Plunge allows you to get a cold or hot bath. The insulated spa cover regulates the temperatures inside the tub and prevents the accumulation of rubbles.

Cell Phone Holder

Most users enjoy using their phones as they have a cold or hot water plunge. The cell phone holder allows you to attach your phone to the Plunge, allowing you to watch videos or set timers.

Guided Plunge Videos

Cold plunging is an art and can be fatal if not handled properly. The guided plunge videos educate users on how to plunge correctly, the benefits of the plunging exercises, and how you can effectively maintain your system.

Tablet Holder

The tablet holder is compatible with most devices on the market. It allows you to stream videos and use your tablet. It is only available if you purchase the Plunge Pro XL.

Skimmer Net

The skimmer net allows you to remove any floating dirt and debris effectively. The Plunge provides users with the skimmer net upon purchasing the product.

Hose Filter

According to the Plunge makers, the hose filter lets you get clear water into the system by filtering out impurities.

Acrylic Material

The Plunge is made with high quality and durable acrylic material. The sturdy material is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The Plunge creators claim that the system can last years with zero wear and tear as long as you manage it properly.

Water Treatment

Chlorinated water is not as useful to the skin as oxidized water. Similarly, treated ozone-enriched water offers extra sanitation and eliminates the nasty side effects of chlorinated wet. You can purchase a six-month supply of water treatment accessories, which include:

  • 160 oz. pH. Down
  • Six filters
  • 320 oz. Baqua Spa Oxidizer
  • 160 oz. Alkalinity Up
  • Testing strips

Hot Tub Option

The Plunge and Plunge Pro XL allows you to enjoy cold or hot soaks throughout the seasons. The hot tub options ensure you get plunge benefits even in extreme weather.


A cold or hot soak should be comfortable. The Plunge offers a spacious plunge tub measuring 3.5 feet in width and a 5.5 in length. The Plunge Prop XL is ideal for taller folks and has bigger dimensions than the typical bathtub.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Plunge gives customers the option of placing it in their patios, garage, or other convenient spaces. It is 100% portable allowing you to transfer it indoors or outdoor depending on the weather or your preferences.

20-Micron Circulation Filtration

The Plunge features a 20-micron filtration system that self-cleans after every ten minutes. In addition, the micron filter keeps the tub free from bacteria and dirt for overall wellbeing.

Underwater Lighting

The Plunge adds style and luxury with the underwater lighting feature. The lights provide users with a cool ambiance when having a plunge outside in the evening.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

The Plunge is not a complicated device. Ryan and Mike claim that it takes less than ten minutes to set it up. Similarly, it is easy to maintain the tub and requires zero professional input to run it. If you need to drain it, connect it to a typical garden hose pipe and let the water out. The Plunge accessories such as filters, oxidizers, and sanitizers allow you to maintain safe and clean water for 180 days.

The Cold Plunge on Shark Tank

Cold Plunge founders Ryan and Mike negotiated with the Sharks to get seeding funds. However, customers should be aware that the Sharks dealing do not endorse the quality of the Plunge.

The Cold Plunge Guarantee/Warranty

The Plunge manufacturer offers a one-year warranty with each purchase. The guarantee seeks to fortify the quality of the Cold Plunge products. The maker also allows customers to increase the protection plan to 3-5 years at extra fees. Three Years Warranty is priced at under $250, and the five-year coverage costs $589.99.

The Cold Plunge Money-Back/ Refund Policy

What if the Cold Plunge does not live up to the customers’ expectations? The Cold Plunge founders are certain that you will get quality benefits from their hot and cold bathtubs. Therefore, each Plunge item comes with a one-month satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, the Plunge does not offer you advertised features and benefits, you can always ask for a full refund. Please read the Plunge terms and conditions to learn under what circumstances you qualify for a refund and how to initiate the process.

You can also contact The Cold Plunge customer support team via the following:

About The Cold Plunge

Two business partners, Ryan Duey and Mike Garrett, founded the wellness company based in the Sacramento region, USA. The duo has decades of experience running health and wellness entities, including spas. Additionally, the pair run independent cryo-spas and floats spas in the US. Mike and Ryan state that the Plunge is an innovative creation seeking to make cold and hot therapy accessible and easier for most people.

The 2020 covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of all public and private spas. As an alternative, Mike and Ryan founded the Plunge – an innovative product seeking to bring the float spa experience to your home conveniently. Unlike typical bathtubs, the Plunge is handmade and designed to add style, class, and comfort.

The Plunge makers claim that each device is thoroughly tested before being dispatched to customers. The company claims that they deliver the device plus accessories in the US within five business days. You can order the Plunge via their official website.

FAQs about the Cold Plunge

We get many questions about Mike and Ryan’s innovative tub (The Plunge). Below are some of the most asked questions from our readers:

Q: Is the Plunge ideal for homes with younger kids?

A: The Plunge comes with an insulated spa cover complete with straps for additional security. After use, you can safely lock it to protect the children and pets from getting inside.

Q: Does the Plunge consume a lot of power?

A: The energy that the Plunge uses is dependent on multiple factors, including the temperature you set it in, the temperatures outside, and direct sunlight.

Q: How much noise does the Plunge produce?

A: The Plunge is designed for comfort and to offer relaxation. According to independent testing by the makers, the Plunge Pro XL produces about 63 decibels and the original Plunge 53 decibels.

Q: What are the proven health benefits of cold plunging?

A: Several studies show that cold plunging can reduce aches, muscle soreness, unhealthy inflammations, stress, and anxiety, thus accelerating recovery. Additionally, it can stabilize moods and manage poor sleep quality. Some people claim that cold plunging boosts their stamina and resilience.

Q: Can Cold Plunge help me lose weight?

A: Limited studies establish that cold-water therapy support weight loss. Still, some experts suggest that cold plunging accelerates the metabolisms, thus unlocking lipolysis and fat oxidation, leading to fat loss. However, the cold plunging technique for weight loss is effective when paired with proven weight management solutions such as dietary and lifestyle changes.

Q: Must I change the water in the Plunge system?

A: The Plunge has an extensive filtration and sanitation system to provide clean and safe water for up to six months. The maintenance and filtration system continuously clear any debris and chemicals from the water for about 180 days, reducing water wastage.

Final Word

The 2020 pandemic led to the closure of most health and wellness services. Mike and Ryan invented the Plunge to allow you to take a cold or hot soak in the comfort of your home. The innovative and stylish tub promises to provide clean water for cold and hot baths in style.

The Plunge is designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. The founders claim it gives a luxurious spa experience to users. Additionally, cold-water therapy offers multiple health benefits to users, including; boosting their physical and mental well-being.

The Cold Plunge are reasonably priced with a current discount and purchased on its official website by clicking here! >>>