Vitaae Reviews: Is SANE Vitaae Supplement Ingredients Legit?

Vitaae Reviews: Is SANE Vitaae Supplement Ingredients Legit?

Tier 1 – 01/26/21

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Vitaae is a nootropic supplement developed by SANE Laboratories. Its creators claim that this supplement was designed to boost your mental cognition by using a blend of natural ingredients. Vitaae uses clinically studied ingredients to enhance cognitive abilities like memory, focus, and learning skills. If you’re someone suffering from poor memory recall, focus, or critical thinking, Vitaae may be the right supplement for you.

About Vitaae

Vitaae is manufactured by SANE Laboratories, whose CEO is Johnathan Bailor. Bailor is a best-selling author, has produced an award-winning movie, and registered over 26 patents related to health and wellness. His work has been published and endorsed by medical professionals from well-respected clinics like Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Bailor’s extensive research and knowledge into the human body led him to begin SANE Laboratories. SANE’s goal is to manufacture the most effective products that directly address specific health conditions. Vitaae is the result of this research and is one of the most effective cognitive boosters on the market.

How Vitaae Works

According to the official website, most cognitive decline in adults is the result of neurological inflammation, which slows down how fast our neurons can fire and make connections. This brain inflammation can be caused by a number of factors like poor diet, environmental factors, brain injury, and a weakened immune system.

For older adults, brain inflammation is generally caused by the natural aging process. As we get older, our immune system naturally weakens, which allows inflammation to thrive in the brain, gut, and other areas essential for brain function.

Vitaae’s potent formula consists of natural ingredients that eliminate this inflammation and feed the brain with essential nutrients it needs to properly function. Without weeks, Vitaae can help restore cognitive functions like memory, focus, and energy.

Ingredients in Vitaae

Vitaae is comprised of five individual ingredients known to eliminate inflammation and boost cognition. All five of these ingredients are natural ingredients that are designed to provide you with a specific benefit related to cognition and clinically studied & proven to work.

These five potent ingredients include:

Vitamin D – Low vitamin D levels have been linked to increasing autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection. Taking vitamin D may protect you from foreign, invading orgasms and reduce inflammation caused by these orgasms.

MagnaFolate C® – This patented form of folate is more bioavailable to humans than normal forms of folate. Studies have shown that folic acid plays a crucial role in DNA and protein synthesis. This means that deficiencies can lead to decreased resistance to illness, which is commonly observed in folate-deficient humans.

VitaalMind Proprietary Blend™ – This blend is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which “have the potential to help people with mood disorders” according to Harvard Medical School.

Cognazin™ – Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline and it is clinically proven to help memory recall and brain function. It also supports cellular synthesis, brain energy, and focus.

Microactive CoQ10™ – This patented form of CoQ10 is extremely bioavailable and improves energy, supports the immune system, and possesses potent antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that CoQ10 can play a significant role in boosting physical performance and enhancing immune function. It also helps your brain make neural connections.

Together, these five ingredients work quickly to significantly support better memory recall, focus, energy, and critical thinking. Within weeks, you’ll see how Vitaae can eliminate the frustration from brain fog and poor cognitive functioning.

Benefits of Vitaae

Vitaae is a proven cognitive enhancing supplement, commonly referred to as a nootropic compound. By taking this product, you can experience a real transformation in your cognitive abilities and experience benefits like these:

Improved memory recall: Memory recall requires your neurons in the brain to fire and make connections as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, brain inflammation interferes with this process and makes it much more difficult to recall things. Vitaae uses clinically studied ingredients to reduce this brain inflammation and to help restore normal, fast memory recall.

Better focus & energy: Vitaae helps feed your brain with nutrients that stimulate your energy levels and help you focus. Business professionals, athletes, or really anybody that needs to focus can use Vitaae to focus better and to become more productive. If you’re someone who struggles with a short attention span, you’ll definitely notice this benefit quickly.

Enhances mood: Brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin help control your mood and make you feel better. Vitaae’s ingredients improve your body’s ability to produce these brain chemicals to boost your mood. This is often why people with depression have found Vitaae to be a nice supplement alternative to antidepressants.

Side Effects of Vitaae

Side effects are always a concern with supplements, but thankfully SANE laboratories have a history of producing safe, effective products. Vitaae is no different. Its’ ingredients have been clinically proven to enhance cognition without posing any negative risks to your health.

In fact, there are zero common side effects of taking Vitaae. Reports of any side effects from people taking Vitaae are few and far between and in the few cases where side effects were reported, symptoms disappeared within a day or two.

You can rest easy knowing Vitaae is a safe, effective supplement. If you are still unsure whether or not this product is truly right for you, then it is highly recommended you consult your doctor or a medical professional before trying this product. Always let your doctor know that you plan on taking a supplement before you try it.

Who Should Take Vitaae?

According to the official website, Vitaae is a clinically proven cognitive enhancer and “anti-aging breakthrough” that can help anyone at any stage of life think clearer, feel better, and reverse chronic physiological and metabolic issues.

The product was developed by Jonathan Tailor, who developed it for his pregnant wife to optimize her and their newborn baby girl’s health. Adults of all ages can use the proven ingredients found in Vitaae to help them feel, look, and think more clearly on a regular basis.

If you’re someone struggling with cognition, feel like you aren’t as sharp as you used to be, or just want to boost your focus and energy levels, then Vitaae is the perfect supplement to reach your goals.

Is Vitaae Legit?

Although Vitaae is one of the best cognitive enhancers on the market, many people still haven’t heard of Sane Laboratories and don’t know whether the company is legitimate or not. SANE has a stellar history of manufacturing high-quality products that are both safe and effective. You can absolutely trust Vitaae and feel comfortable knowing their products are:

Formulated with clinically proven & patented ingredients: Vitaae uses clinically proven & patented ingredients that deliver real, noticeable results. SANE Laboratories formulates its products to maximize your performance and to enhance brain health in a safe manner.

Manufactured & supported in the US: All of SANE Laboratories products are manufactured in the United States – including Vitaae. In addition, unlike other companies that outsource their customer support to third-world countries, SANE uses real US-based customer support agents.

Made in a GMP formula & facility: Vitaae is manufactured in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility that adheres to the highest quality standards. In addition, this product is made using GMP (good manufacturing practices) to ensure the product you receive in the mail is of the highest quality.

3rd party tested for purity & potency: Each batch of Vitaae is tested for heavy metals, fillers, impurities, and any other dangerous ingredients so that you can rest easy knowing you have a pure, high-quality product.

How Long Will it Take for Vitaae to Work?

Like all good things, it takes a little bit of time for Vitaae to work. You should not expect miracles overnight or you will find yourself disappointed.

However, the manufacturer does note that most people start to see some improvement after the first few weeks of use. They recommend giving the product 30 to 60 days in order to truly start seeing the real benefits of using the product.

Our recommendation is to give it the full 60 days to give the ingredients in Vitaae a true chance to reduce the inflammation that is impairing your cognitive abilities.

How to Order Vitaae?

If you’re ready to boost your memory, focus, and energy levels, then you can order Vitaae directly from the official website. There you’ll find three different purchasing options depending on your individual needs:

Every order of Vitaae comes with SANE’s exclusive 365-day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you find yourself dissatisfied with Vitaae, simply contact the manufacturer and you will receive a complimentary refund for your purchase. No other manufacturer even comes close to offering something like this.

Final Thoughts

Vitaae is one of the few cognitive enhancers on the market that combines both safety and efficiency. According to the official website, thousands of adults around the United States and around the world have seen real improvements in cognition by taking Vitaae.

If you are someone looking to improve your cognition, stop brain aging in its’ tracks, or just want to improve your focus and productivity, then you need to visit the official website of Vitaae to order a bottle today.

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