VitaPost Lung Support Review: Real Complaints or Safe Pills?

VitaPost Lung Support is an oral supplement that supports the strength and function of the lungs. The remedy includes multiple ingredients that reduce inflammation and support the muscles that control the expansion of the lungs.

What is VitaPost Lung Support?

Like every other part of the body, the function of the lungs can diminish with time. This organ needs support like any other part of the body. However, most people think they are doing enough by just abstaining from smoking cigarettes, breathing in pollution, contaminants, and a poor diet.

According to the official website, VitaPost Lung Support focuses all of its nutrients on keeping the respiratory system and lungs healthy. With a combination of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and even a species of mushrooms, users can regain control over how their muscles and even their ribcage should be performing and supporting the lungs. The formula isn’t a cure-all for the damage sustained through poor lifestyle choices, but the nutrients can be an incredible source of support for healing.


How Does VitaPost Lung Support Work?

The body requires oxygen for nearly every single function and cell. The breathing process is inherently controlled by the brain, making it an involuntary reaction to how the body keeps itself alive. Typically, the lungs function almost entirely independently, converting the waste gas from the blood through the lungs when the individual exhales.

The lungs already have substantial protection from the muscles and bones that surround them. While the function is meant to work without any other changes to the body, the creators acknowledge that there is a change that occurs with the lifestyle and age of the individual.

As the muscles that control the diaphragm become weaker, the same elasticity is not maintained. It may become more difficult to breathe as the lungs struggle to expand in the same way they used to. While some people do their best to reduce the pollutants they expose themselves to, they can also exercise and keep the immune system strong.

The point of the VitaPost Lung Support formula is to restore the health of these muscles. Ultimately, this formula is helpful because users are provided with the nutrients of multiple botanical ingredients to support their bodies. The ingredients include:

  • Vitamin C 125mg
  • Menaquinone 50mcg
  • Butterbur extract 37.5mg
  • Quercetin 50mg
  • Bromelain 25mg
  • Citrus bioflavonoids 125mg
  • Feverfew 25mg
  • Stinging nettle 25mg
  • Pine bark 25mg
  • Cordyceps 250mg

Read on below to learn about the way that each of these ingredients can help.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C has consistently been used to support the immune system, but some studies show that users can improve and support healthy lung function. Keeping enough vitamin C in the body is crucial to lung health and can protect the user from illnesses.


Menaquinone, also known as Vitamin K2, has risen in popularity in supplements lately, helping calcium properly distribute throughout the body. Since the lung tissue’s elasticity is based on the collagen and elastin fibers that make it up, these attributes are necessary to expand the lungs while breathing. It includes a protein that is entirely based on the support that vitamin K2 provides it.

Vitamin K2 also helps the body to clot blood and prevent bruising properly.

Butterbur extract

Butterbur extract is used as a medicine, and it can help users that consistently battle migraines and hay fever. Other typical uses include treating pain, stomach ulcers, headaches, asthma, and whooping cough (among others).


Quercetin reduces inflammation in the body, using its antioxidant properties to heal the body. It kills off cells that cause cancer, and it can reduce high blood sugar. It can also support oxidative metabolism to promote improvements in weight loss.


Bromelain is often used as a topical solution, helping users eliminate the dead skin accumulating from burns. It reduces swelling and healthy inflammation. Some people use it to heal the soreness in aching muscles.

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Citrus bioflavonoids

Citrus bioflavonoids offer antioxidants as well, eliminating the toxins that can cause inflammation. Typically, they are introduced to the diet as a way to fight against free radicals. This ingredient works to erase stress caused by oxidation.


Feverfew often works to help users with their pain, providing relief naturally and safely. It can promote a better mood, though there is some evidence that it can protect and heal from muscle spasms. It is also used to eliminate tinnitus and dizziness.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle leaves and roots have been used for their immense nutrients that reduce inflammation and even reduce the prostate enlargement. Some people incorporate it to treat hay fever, though it also reduces high blood pressure. It can support the management of blood sugar.

Pine bark

Pine bark has polyphenols that help users to reduce inflammation. It also provides antimicrobial and antioxidant effects, making it highly therapeutic. Users can add pine bark to their routine to improve their skin and reduce the effects of aging.


Cordyceps is a mushroom, and it is one of the most common ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. The fungi soothe the body, even calming the airways to keep the lungs open and hydrated. Cordyceps also provides an anti-aging effect and can help people who need better control over their type 2 diabetes.


Purchasing a Bottle of the VitaPost Lung Support Formula

Since VitaPost Lung Support is not available in stores, consumers will be able to order directly from the official website. The website currently offers 3 different packages, and each one has a different number of bottles to offer savings to consumers that want to stock up.

The packages include:

  • One bottle for $21.95
  • Two bottles for $39.90
  • Four bottles for $59.85

Presently, there’s a flash sale on the website that can save users even more on their purchases.


Frequently Asked Questions About VitaPost Lung Support

Will users need a prescription to purchase VitaPost Lung Support?

No. This formula is a supplement, and it doesn’t require a prescription to take.

How should VitaPost Lung Support be taken?

One serving of the formula is just two capsules. The creators recommend that users serve with a meal, promoting better absorption through the digestive system. The capsules should not be broken apart or crushed.

Who should not take VitaPost Lung Support?

This remedy is specifically meant for adults. Pregnant or nursing women should not use it, and it should not be used as a treatment for someone with a known medical condition. Individuals who believe that they have a breathing condition that needs medical attention should speak with a doctor immediately to get the help they need.

As an added note, while the product is made in an FDA-approved facility, customers need to be aware the product is made in a facility that also produces additional products that may include milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish.

Where can this formula be sent?

The company delivers to customers in 23 different countries. The complete list is shown at checkout.

How many capsules do users receive in one bottle?

Every bottle has a one-month supply of capsules, which is 60 capsules.

What ingredients are found in VitaPost Lung Support?

In every single serving, users will get the support of vitamin C, menaquinone, butterbur extract, quercetin, bromelain, citrus bioflavonoids, feverfew, stinging nettle, pine park, and cordyceps. VitaPost Lung ingredients are also lab tested and non-GMO and are vegetarian friendly.

Is this supplement certified by the FDA?

No. The Food and Drug Administration does not provide certification to supplements. However, to ensure that this formula is safe, the creators developed it in a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility in the US.

If there are any questions or concerns about VitaPost Lung Support, consumers can reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to support@vitabalance.net or calling 1-888-455-9995.


VitaPost Lung Support may help consumers improve the lungs and the muscles, alleviate inflammation, and more. Consumers who take this product regularly will notice improvements in how they breathe, giving them more oxygen with each deep breath. The formula can help users deliver more oxygen to the cells in their body, supporting many functions. With natural ingredients, users won’t experience any of the typical side effects of medication.

To learn more about the company and VitaPost Lung can visit the official website.

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