April 1 hit-and-run driver charged

Kimberly Meinen allegedly hit a man walking in the middle of SR 164 late at night before then crashing into two vehicles

A Puyallup woman has finally been officially charged with a felony hit-and-run that occurred last April.

According to court documents, Kimberly Meinen was allegedly driving from the Muckleshoot Casino “where she had been drinking heavily” and was “escorted out by security” in the early hours of April 1 when the incident occurred.

Security saw her drive away and called 911 to report her as an impaired driver. She ended up driving east on state Route 164.

At the same time, Clifford Price was drinking at the Yella Beak Saloon; too impaired to drive, he decided to walk home west on SR 164.

Meinen allegedly hit Price shortly after 2:30 a.m., which was when a witness driving east came across Enumclaw police officers — who were already at an unrelated crash scene — to tell them he saw the man walking in the middle of the highway.

Before he could, though, Meinen collided with a truck from the prior collision and the witnesses’ car.

EPD arrested Meinen for DUI, not knowing she had allegedly hit Price shortly before.

Price was reported missing around 7 a.m.; his body was found an hour later by King County deputies in a field near 228th Avenue SE, along with vehicle parts.

By the following day, investigators had identified Meinen as a suspect based on the damage to her car and the correlating vehicle parts found near Price.

Meinen was charged early April with DUI in the city of Enumclaw, but the charges were dismissed with the expectation that King County prosecutors would take over the case.

She was officially charged with felony hit-and-run, DUI, and reckless driving on June 30.

Meinen pled not guilty at her July 13 arraignment; a pre-trial hearing is set for Aug. 28.

Bail is set for $100,000.