As wildfire outlook improves, Mount Rainier Nat’l Park lifts campfire ban

Mount Rainier National Park has lifted its park-wide fire ban, effective Friday, Sept. 16, as wildfire weather conditions begin to improve in the area.

The decision means that visitors can once again start campfires at park campgrounds, though those fires must still be fully contained and attended.

The park implemented the ban due to the recent mix of high fire risk conditions, and the proximity of the Goat Rocks Wildfire about 1.5 miles northeast of Packwood, which was contributing to poor air quality.

The Goat Rocks fire continues to burn near the southeast corner of the park, but the fire’s activity has quieted recently. Cooler, wetter weather and shorter days are helping firefighters make headway against the flames.

If you do start a campfire:

  • Never do so on a trail or in the park wilderness.
  • Buy firewood from near where you plan to burn it to avoid bringing in invasive insects or fungi.
  • Don’t burn trash or debris from trees.
  • Make sure the fire is always accompanied, and put out fully before you go to sleep. The easiest way to make sure a fire is out is to dump cold water over it and mix up the wet coals and dirt thoroughly.