Cruise Enumclaw about to begin — here’s how to stay safe

To make sure everyone can enjoy the event, follow all traffic laws and don’t violate open alcohol container rules.

“I’m in the mood, the rhythm is right, move to the music, we can roll all night… Oh slow ride, take it easy.”

Just in case the Foghat reference didn’t clue you in, Enumclaw’s cruise season is about to begin its third year.

The event, held every First Friday of the month from May to September, normally takes over the downtown area as locals and tourists alike crowd the sidewalks, fill up restaurants, and enjoy the procession of antique automobiles, handsome hot rods, majestic muscle cars, and more parading down Cole Street from 6 to 9 p.m.

Anyone looking for news and updates about the cruises can head to the Cruise Enumclaw private Facebook group, but for those of you who want to participate, here are a few things you should know, courtesy of the event organizers and the Enumclaw Police Department, who will be making sure safety rules are being followed.


Those that want to hop into their car and cruise Enumclaw’s streets should follow a specific, though simple, route in order to ease congestion. Both sides of the road will be open, but drivers are encouraged to stick to driving down Cole Street, Washington Avenue, Garrett Street, and Stevenson Avenue while cruising.


According to EPD Commander Mike Graddon, local officers will be focusing on community policing, with “education on traffic safety and liquor violations being at the forefront of our efforts,” he said. “We can’t do it alone, and are asking for the publics assistance in making our community events a safe place to gather.”

That said, here’s a list of safety rules and tips presented by the EPD:

No Burnouts

Keep yourself and your car under control at all times. The only thing keeping your car from sailing into a Starmist Blue 57’ T-Bird, or worse, a spectator, are your front brakes.

Be Respectful to Local Businesses and Residents

Keep alcohol in designated areas. Open alcohol container violations bring much unwanted enforcement attention to our craft breweries and restaurants, even if it’s your own red solo cup.

Be aware of residential driveways — no blocking, and allow access. No speeding. Keep noise pollution down (turn down those classic cruise tunes).

Clean up. Make the streets look better than when you go there.

Don’t Drive Your Riding Lawn Mower

This includes your WATV (ATV, UTV) or whatever else is illegal to drive on the roadway. Your vehicle must be street legal, licensed, insured, and properly equipped. The Police Department will not “sign-off” your machine to cruise, it is up to you as a car enthusiast to know the laws.

Look Out For Little Ones

Kids and pets alike will be lining the streets checking out your ride; go slow and watch out for them. If you are a spectator, keep them close by. Be positively engaged with our youth, as they are tomorrow’s drivers.

No Rolling Coal

No one wants to get their well-prepped hand polished car dirty from thick black spewing exhaust.

No Excessive Revving

Nothing signals, “look at me, I have a modified exhaust” more than constantly revving your engine. It is just plain annoying after a while. Excessive honking, sirens, bells and whistles are equally as bothersome and illegal.

Take Care of the Mechanics

If you have been putting off fixing your car, a car cruise is not the time to see if it works. Make sure all your lights are in working condition. Don’t forget to inspect your brakes. Make sure there is gas in your tank.

No Tailgating

We don’t want fender-bender collisions. Plus, you will end up on someone’s club page or TikTok for their enjoyment for years to come.

Follow All Rules of the Road

Stop at stop lights and signs and use your turn signals. All passengers must be properly seated with seat belts, if so equipped.

Park Correctly

Don’t take up more than one space. Be aware of handicapped or temporary parking signs.