Enumclaw transfer station to start accepting, recycling mattresses

Recycling your old beds comes with a $30 fee.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get that old mattress out of your garage, or dispose of that bulky futon no one uses anymore, the new year might be it.

Come Jan. 1, 2022, five of King County’s trash and recycling transfer stations — including Enumclaw’s — will be expanded their services to include the recycling or disposal of mattresses, box springs, and futons.

“A new $30 mattress handling fee will go into effect the same day to off-set the cost of the expanded service, which will reduce the amount of recyclable materials — metal, wood, foam, and cotton — that end up at the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill from the 375,000 mattresses, box springs, and futons that are disposed of each year,” a King County press release reads. “The fee will apply to each mattress, box spring, and futon regardless of size, condition, or whether the item is recycled or disposed.”

The other four transfer stations receiving expanded services include the Bow Lake, Factoria, Shoreline, and Vashon areas. The Cedar Hills Regional Landfill in Maple Valley is also getting expanded services, but only for commercial haulers.