EPD only sees 1% increase in total assaults, thefts, and other serious offenses in 2023

But DUIs, arrests, and bookings decreased since 2022.

The Enumclaw Police Department released its 2023 crime stats late last week, detailing how many robberies, domestic assaults, DUIs, and other offenses were reported last year.

It’s difficult to say that crime has increased, since while some categories saw an uptick, others fell by just as much.

Some of the more violent crimes — robbery, aggravated assault, domestic aggravated assault, and simple assault in this case — are prime examples: there were three robberies reported in 2022, but only one last year, while there was only one aggravated assault reported in 2022, but three in 2023.

There were no aggravated domestic violence assaults, and 22 simple assaults, reported in 2022, but last year saw three aggravated DV assaults and 25 simple assaults.

The only major change was simple DV assaults, which saw a rise of 25 in 2022 to 35 last year.

While Enumclaw doesn’t typically see much violence, there are a number of thefts and shopliftings. In general, the EPD received the same number of reports of these sorts of crimes — 187, to be precise — in both 2022 and 2023, but the breakdown changed.

In 2022, there were 25 reported shopliftings, 29 thefts from buildings, 57 thefts from a motor vehicle, 29 thefts of motor vehicle parts, 56 stolen motor vehicles, and 47 uncategorized thefts.

Last year, there were 49 reported shopliftings, 26 thefts from buildings, 52 thefts from a motor vehicle, 18 thefts of motor vehicle parts, 67 stolen motor vehicles, and 42 uncategorized thefts.

General vandalism saw a dip, from 144 reported cases in 2022 to 137 in 2023, as well as weapon law violations, from 11 to 5.

However, drug and narcotic violations rose, though only from three to six.

All the above crimes are considered to fall under the scope of the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIRBS), which is the national standard for how law enforcement crime data is be reported.

There were 558 NIBRS offenses recorded in 2022, and 563 reported last year — less than a 1% increase.

Others offenses like DUIs, disorderly conducts, and voluntary or involuntary commitments are considered “other offenses”, which saw a 4% decrease between 2022 and 2023, from 6,600 to 6,320.

DUIs fell a dramatic 63% drop, from 79 to 29 in the same time period.

Also seeing a drop were suspicious person reports, which fell from 922 to 648, and even parking complaints were slashed from 492 to 363.

In total, the EPD arrested 208 people last year, a 22% decrease from the 267 arrested in 2022; the number of people booked at the local jail also fell from 281 to 221.

Despite this, jail revenue actually increased from $333,000 to just over $400,000, in part like to an increased number of outside agency bookings rising from 304 to 378, a 24% increase.