Mutual of Enumclaw launches Leakbot pilot program

The company is aiming to help homeowners detect early leaks, one of the most non-weather related causes of home damage.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated from the print version with additional information.

Water leaks are one of, if not the most, common cause of property damage — so Mutual of Enumclaw has launched a new pilot program to help their clients detect leaks before they become a problem.

According to an Oct. 12 press release, MoE recently partnered with London-based Ondo InsurTech PLC to bring the insurance company’s Washington clients Leakbot, a water detection device.

“At Mutual of Enumclaw we’re committed to serving our members’ best interests—and protecting their safety is at the center of who we are as a company,” Mutual of Enumclaw Chief Underwriting Officer Jerel Titus said in the press release. “Non-weather water events caused by damaged pipes, worn out seals, cracked hoses and more not only endanger our members’ health but also their homes and their wallets. We love that LeakBot’s innovative leak detection and prevention technology, overall effectiveness and ease of use provide an extra layer of protection for our valued members.”

MoE says that installing Leakbot is easy and connects to your Android or iOS mobile devices in order to provide you updates on your water system by measuring air and pipe temperatures, since leaks can create a prolonged, consistent drop in temperature.

According to Ondo and Consumer Intelligence, Leakbot can reduce the cost of water damage claims by 70%.

As a part of this program, MoE will cover the cost of the device and water usage monitoring, the mobile application, and any visits from Leakbot plumbers for both equipment and labor costs.

But not everyone is eligible for the program, as only a select number (10,000) of Washington state homeowner’s insurance policy holders are eligible for this pilot program. Some have already been made aware of their eligibility, but others can ask to opt-in if they meet criteria, like having unfettered access to the main water pipe coming into their home.

But if the rollout is successful, a spokesperson said, the program will be made available to more MoE homeowner’s insurance policy holders.

Any cost to enrolling in a future iteration of the program is unknown at this time.