Plateau strongly rejected King County crisis center proposal

Overall, nearly three out of four local voters didn’t want to fund the $1.25 billion project

If the Plateau as a whole has made anything clear these last two elections, it’s that residents don’t want to be taxed more.

While the King County Proposition 1 measure on the April special election ballot passed overall by nearly 57%, nearly every Enumclaw or Black Diamond precinct within city limits voted against it.

The measure will fund five regional crisis care centers to address the growing mental health crisis with short- and long-term beds for people to stabilize.

With the measure approved, median-value homes ($840,000) in the county will be taxed roughly $121 in 2024. The levy would continue through 2032, generating a total of $1.25 billion to stabilize and strengthen King County’s behavioral health crisis care system.

But that wasn’t enough to convince local voters, who rejected the measure by 73% overall. (In previous election precinct articles, the Courier-Herald only focused on precincts inside Enumclaw and Black Diamond city limits. This time, we included unincorporated districts as well.)

In fact, the only precincts to vote for Prop 1 was Black Diamond 05-3849, right in the heart of the city’s Ten Trails fast-growing neighborhood, and the Muckleshoot precinct, located to the west bordering the White River. And even there, the measure only passed 93 to 89 in the former, and 14 to 8 in the latter.

The measure was more unpopular in unincorporated districts, where the measure failed 75%; inside city limits, the measure failed 68%.