Trains and parking are on the tracks

By Dennis Box-The Courier-Herald

By Dennis Box-The Courier-Herald

Sound Transit Proposition No. 1 appears to have passed by about 57 percent and the impact of the measure will be seen in Sumner.

Dave Enslow, a member of the Sound Transit board of directors, said, “This means a lot for Sumner and the region. We are going to complete what we started and I think the region needs transportation. “

Enslow said there is $40 million in the budget for more parking facilities in Sumner.

The mayor said whether that means a parking garage in downtown Sumner, “I don’t know. That will be decided by a public process.”

Enslow said the number of trains per day will be nearly doubled, from 16 to 30. Also a shadow bus service will be added for people who need to return to the area, but find a train is not available.

“This gives us a chance to live in a nice place like Sumner and have transportation,” Enslow said.

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, who is chairman of the transit board, sent a message to the board members pointing out the passage of the measure means 100,000 hours of bus service will be added beginning in 2009. The Sounder service from Seattle to Tacoma will also be increased by 65 percent.

Parking around the Sounder station in Sumner has been a contentious issue. The City Council approved five more restricted parking zones or RPZs near the station during its Nov. 3 meeting.

The areas included Thompson Street, Snyder Avenue, Kincaid Avenue and Elizabeth Street. RPZs prevent commuters from parking in those designated areas.

Enslow hopes the approval of the proposition will help alleviate the growing problem of commuters parking in nearby neighborhoods.

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