Buzz Repel Pro Lamp Reviews – Obvious Scam or Is Bug Zapper Legit?

Mosquitoes and other insects can inhibit you from enjoying your outdoor activities. Some pests cause skin irritation, spread diseases, and cause undesirable noises. Camping, hiking, and fishing are some of the fun outdoor activities. However, mosquitoes buzzing and other nuisance bugs can disrupt your out-of-doors fun.

There are numerous methods of fighting bugs and tiny pests. Some people use spray and creams that dispel the little creatures. Bug zappers are popular today. The UV light from these lanterns dispels and eliminates small insects, including mosquitoes.

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is an eco-friendly, user-centric lantern that repels mosquitoes and bugs. What technology does the buzz zapper utilize? How does it dispel mosquitoes? Does it work as advertised? Continue reading to discover more about the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp.

About the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a lightweight, portable device that repels small flying creatures, including mosquitoes. It uses special light and innovative repellant technologies to chase away the nuisance bugs. The repellant lantern is ideal for outdoor activities, including backyard events, camping, and picnics.

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp allows you to enjoy quality outdoor or indoor time without disruptions from pesky pests. The bug zapper is easy to use, rechargeable, and user-friendly. The repellent lamp is intended to be safe around curious pets and children. It utilizes non-toxic technology to repel bugs, making it ideal for families.

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is rechargeable and can be used off the grid. Depending on usage, the battery can provide services for up to eight hours. Refer to the user manual to determine how long a single charge can last.

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp can be purchased at attractive prices through the manufacturer’s official website. The manufacturer offers discounts of up to 50% for selected packages. Check the official website for pricing, a money-back guarantee, and shipping details.

How Does the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp Work?

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a simple and user-friendly mosquito repellent that doubles as a lamp. Ensure the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp has enough charge before utilizing it. It has an on-and-off button to turn it on and off. How does it dispel mosquitoes and bugs?

Many people hate the smell of certain mosquito sprays and creams. Furthermore, chemical-based bug repellents can trigger allergic reactions. The toxin-based repellents may not be ideal for homes with kids and pets.

Unlike chemical-based mosquito repellents, the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp effectively lowers the population of mosquitoes in your home. The killer lamps emit zero harmful odors and chemicals, making them ideal for homes with pets and children. The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is an excellent alternative to chemical insecticides and pesticides.

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a non-toxic repellant that applies special light and heating elements to dispel annoying pests. The electronic insect killer uses special UV light to attract flying insects and a unique heating element to zap them instantly.

The mosquito killer lamp combines the power of UV light and carbon dioxide to create a bug-free environment. Operating, cleaning, and maintaining the insect-killer lamp requires no special knowledge. The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a simple device ideal for households of all sizes and types.

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Features and Benefits of the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

Protection: Mosquitoes and other flying bugs are disease carriers. Malaria and Zika virus are some of the dangerous health problems spread by flying insects. The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp offers protection against these disease-carrying insects. You can use the insect killer lamp to protect yourself and your family from dangerous diseases.

Chemical-Free Solution: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is free from pesticides and insecticides, which can be dangerous to pets and humans. The lanterns are chemical-free and emit zero odors, thus ideal for homes with young children and curious pets.

Affordable: Investing in Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a one-time purchase. You need to recharge the battery and keep the killer lamp in mint condition, offering long-lasting service. The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is inexpensive and requires zero ongoing costs, such as refilling of chemicals.

User-friendly: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp requires zero technical knowledge to operate. It has one button to turn it on or off.

Ideal for Outdoors: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is perfect for outdoor activities. It can control the number of bugs around your home. The bright LED light illuminates dark places, thus making it excellent for camping, hiking, picnicking, or fishing outings.

Weatherproof: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp can work in warm and moist conditions. However, the manufacturer warns against exposing the killer lantern to extreme weather conditions. The robust exterior can hinder water from entering the core, but intense snow, heat, and rain may damage the device.

Easy to Maintain: cleaning the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is easy. Use a dry towel to wipe dust and remove the annihilated insects from the collecting tray. Users should not disassemble the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp to prevent damaging it.

Multi-Functional: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a multipurpose lantern. It serves as a bug-repellent flashlight and camping lamp.

Rechargeable: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is portable and can retain adequate power for up to 18-24 hours on a single charge. It comes with a micro USB Charger, allowing you to recharge it even on the go.

Shock-Resistant: The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp features 7 mm micro-plastic bars that cover the zapper core. The design ensures young children and pets get zero electrocution in case of touch. Still, users should prevent children and pets from touching the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp, mainly when it is in use.

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How to Use the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

Below are some of the tips to help you get the most out of your Buzz Repel Pro Lamp:

Place the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp in the right direction and location. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide gas; hence, the bug-zapping lamp should be placed in outdoor seating areas and patios.

Ensure the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is always clean and recharged. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to clean and maintain the killer lamp in mint condition.

Use the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp in the evening when pesky pets are most active

Combine the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp with other mosquito-control methods such as removal of stagnant water, use of nets, and clearing bushes around the home


The Science Behind the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp uses a safe blue light wavelength to attract mosquitoes and bugs to the device’s core. The high-voltage core zaps the insects immediately. The electrocution emits zero sounds and odor. The zapped insects accumulate on the collection tray, which you can empty anytime.

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp has a sleek, minimalistic design that blends with your interior or exterior décor. It can be used to create a mosquito-free zone, thus ensuring uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment. The simple on-off switch makes it perfect for a wide range of users.


You can buy the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp online through the official website.

  • Order one for $39.99
  • Order two for $37.99 each
  • Order three for $35.99 each
  • Order four for $33.99 each
  • Order five for $31.99 each

Your investment is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. After payment, the Buzz Repel Pro Lamp seller sends the tracking number to your email after shipping the order. It takes about 5-7 days to receive your package via UPS. Please get in touch with customer service if you have any questions about the return policy or anything else.

  • Email: support@buzzrepelpro.com
  • Telephone: 1-855-688-0753

Final Word

The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is a weather-resistant, lightweight, multipurpose device that eliminates mosquitoes and other flying bugs. It uses safe UV light technology to attract and electrocute the pesky pests. The Buzz Repel Pro Lamp is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.

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