Americans will never back Obamacare

Like most Americans, I want to live in a society that takes care of it’s people, and like most Americans, I would be ashamed if we collectively refused to lend a hand to people who, through no fault of their own, desperately need help. And, like most Americans, I do not support Obamacare. In fact, I believe it is totally misguided.

Obamacare is a despicable piece of legislation because it twists the noble desire to help those less fortunate into a duty to junk the entire United States Healthcare system. It uses the common belief that we all should pitch in to help pay for the health expenses of a small percentage of the population as a disguise, yes a cover up, for what it really is: a federal seizure of the administration and oversight of the entire health care and insurance system.

Think about it: do we need the government to take over all of the nation’s grocery stores in order to feed the poor? Do we need the government to take over the auto industry in order to make sure people have transportation? No, providing health care requires setting aside the funds to pay for it, and sufficient oversight to make sure that each person has access to the same quality of care as everyone else.

There are far easier and cheaper ways to help people handle crushing health care costs. So, why did the Obama administration insist on the complicated route of health insurance regulation and individual mandates? Many different interests are likely at play, but a single theme unites the whole mess, simply, Obamacare is designed to hide the cost of helping unfortunate people by pushing everyone together into the same insurance system. It forbids insurance companies from fully assessing the likely medical cost of treating the sick and forces them to bury that cost into everyone else’s premiums.

The purpose of Obamacare is to hide how much we are helping people and which people are receiving that help. Its supporters trade efficiency for murkiness because they realize that while the public is perfectly willing to help the elderly and people who suffer illness through no fault of their own, we are hesitant about paying for those who have chosen risky lifestyles. Rather than having an honest discussion about these issues, this administration has decided to take advantage of Americans’ kindness, obscuring the fruit of our charity so that bureaucratic waste and progressive social engineering projects can remain hidden from the public eye.

Obamacare has brought the good idea of affordable health care for all to the heights of unaffordable care and confusion. It is a weight which our county cannot afford.

The reality is that we, the people, are helping one another. Or we would anyway, if the government would get out of the way and let us.

George Rossman


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