Buckley Log Show organizers work all year to provide great entertainment | Letter

For nearly 40 years the men and ladies of the Buckley-Enumclaw area have taken time out of their busy days to put on a very good show of some of the skills they use in the job of logging and road building. Also, there are log and dump trucks all shined up with nice loads of logs, along with new trucks and equipment used in the logging industry supplied by the dealers who sell them.

The part I like as well as any is the older cars and trucks that are done doing the job they were born to do.

Take my word for it, putting on this show is a major undertaking that goes on the whole year, with the planning and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. With an all-volunteer crew it truly is a labor of love.

The show takes place the last weekend of June at the Buckley Log Show grounds along Highway 410. It’s a great place to bring the whole family; with the competition, the great food and music and seeing old friends there truly is something for everyone.

I might be a little prejudiced, but I think it is almost impossible to not have a good time.

Come and watch the younger generation prove their skills for prizes and bragging rights and, maybe, impress a girlfriend. No matter the outcome, I think they take home a new-found respect for what Mom and Dad go through keeping the cupboards full and the car full of gas and one would hope to let the public in on some of what it takes to survive in this industry.

So my hat is off to all of you who work so hard to pull off a really great weekend. You have my best wishes for another great and safe show.

From one wore-out logger to the men that can still get it done, thanks a ton.

Michael Maras