Have you looked at downtown Enumclaw lately?

We need to stop developers from turning our small town into a towering city.

We are losing it to buildings, real-estate moguls and our own Chamber of Commerce. They all think bigger is better, but stop and ask yourself, who is profiting and who is losing in all this out-of-control building?

Now they want to put a condo and shopping center in the middle of our sweet little town. You have seen the traffic with all of the new houses we have coming, and now they are building 600 more with plans for more on top of that.

Our community will not be the same and we will not be able to turn it back if we all don’t so something or stand up for our town now.

Please don’t sit on your hands and tell yourselves it’s out of our hands — it’s all in our hands. We have pen and paper and voices, so let’s not wait until our beautiful town is gone.

Stand up now and tell the mayor and city council we want our downtown to stay historic.

Please, people, let your voices be heard now.

April Hurst


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