Renewing the fire levy is the responsible thing to do | Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I just received my Voters Pamphlet and I had some concerns with some of the information the Vote No! on East Pierce Fire and Rescue Proposition 1 committee is putting out there.

Their statement against the proposition says the department wants to “build more buildings,” including a new district headquarters. Nowhere in the explanatory statement does it talk about adding more buildings, as a large purchase such as this would likely come from a voter-approved capital improvement bond.

Their statement against says the department wants to “increase their territory.” Again, nowhere in the explanatory statement does it talk about adding additional territory to the fire district and any annexation would have to be approved by the voters in a separate election.

Driving without your seatbelt is not brave, it’s dangerous. Not locking your doors at night is not being brave, it’s dangerous. The committee tells me I should “Be Brave, Vote No.” Not having a fully-funded fire department to respond to the emergencies of me and my family is not being brave, it is being dangerous. That is why I am going to “Be Responsible, and Vote Yes.”

Jesse Mitchell

Bonney Lake