State reps support fire levy | Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

We are writing to support the East Pierce Fire and Rescue Maintenance and Operations levy on the November ballot. We urge a yes vote on this vital measure. Without it, the department will be forced to reduce on duty staffing which could lead to closed fire stations and increased response times. Longer response times will lead to increased property damage and decreased survival rates. Maintenance of vehicles and equipment, which has already been delayed because of the recession, will continue to be delayed.

The training of your firefighters will be severely diminished. On top of that, other essential programs such as teaching our youth CPR in the schools and other public education events will be cut.

When our homes or businesses are on fire or at risk we expect a quick response from the fire department. If we or our loved ones are involved in a serious injury car collision, we expect well trained firefighters to come to our emergency and save our lives. We want the equipment they bring be in good order and work properly. None of these things come for free. The fire department is our safety net, a net that can only work if properly funded.

If this levy fails, East Pierce Fire and Rescue will not be able to provide the level of service that our community expects and relies on.

There are some anti-tax, anti-government folks who oppose properly funding our fire and police services, but who will pay the price when lives or homes are lost?  We all will because it is our moral responsibility to take care of our communities and keep them safe. That takes our support and dollars.

Medical emergencies and disasters are time sensitive, highly technical and manpower intensive. That is why we stand with the fire department and ask for a yes vote on this measure.

State Rep. Christopher Hurst

State Rep. Cathy Dahlquist