Urges a vote for progressive candidate for Congress in 8th District | Letter

Voter’s Pamphlets arrived this week, so I sat down to review the candidates. We have so many resources on line these days and I especially appreciate being able to look at the voting records of our incumbents.

Dave Reichert seems to vote against the best interest of his constituents and in line with the most conservative members of his party far too often. On issues that directly affect poor families such as raising the minimum wage, easily available birth control, equal pay for women, and food subsidy programs, Mr. Reichert voted to cut, restrict and deny. On marriage equality, affordable health care, and reaching across the aisle, Mr. Reichert voted to deny, repeal, shut down the government and to use our tax dollars to sue the president.

Mr. Reichert seems to be more concerned about voter fraud, insuring corporate voices are heard and guaranteeing guns are easily available than representing the majority of his constituents.

And then there is candidate Jason Ritchie, who keeps asking to debate Mr. Reichert on these issues. So far his requests are being ignored.

Mr. Ritchie has been appearing frequently throughout the district and taking advantage of online resources to get his message out. He even took the Political Courage Test on votesmart.com. In regards to minimum wage, birth control, equal pay, food subsidy programs, marriage equality, and healthcare Jason Ritchie supports a living wage, support for poor families, equal rights and affordable healthcare. He knows corporations are not people. “Campaign finance reform that sheds light on all campaign contributions is essential to our democracy.”

Jason Ritchie summarizes his priorities as follows: “A fully employed middle class, being paid a living wage, pays down our debts and supports our social safety net. We must reward work over wealth and progress over partisanship. I stand for infrastructure investments, equal pay for women and comprehensive immigration reform.”

We certainly do have a clear choice between regressive and progressive candidates this year. You have my vote, Mr. Ritchie.

Sheerie Slatton