Envisioning a city saturated with the love of God | Church Corner

A couple weeks ago, while sitting in church listening to an incredible sermon, I took a moment to sit back and close my eyes. The guest speaker was Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, and his message was alive! I was definitely not falling asleep. He was speaking to pastors and leaders that morning and he invited us to close our eyes and visualize the “church we saw with our eyes closed.”

With the launch of our church, Grace Point NW, quickly approaching I was eager to see if God would add clarity to the vision for the church we planned to help build on the Enumclaw Plateau. So I prayed, sat back and closed my eyes. What I saw was more than remarkable. Though I strained and squinted to see a church, when I closed my eyes I saw a city. I thought I’d share with you not only what I saw, but what I see.

I see a city saturated and running over with the love of God! The love that flows everywhere throughout this city is tangible. It has its own feel and fragrance. In this city everything is steeped in love. As I peer around there is no judgment or pride, no guilt or shame and no records of wrong. The love is so pervasive that everything and everyone is made perfect and beautiful. Love’s full glory and purpose revealed as a river in the heart of a city.

I see a city with truth as the only foundation. Nothing can shake this city. Everything built here will stand forever and those who live in the many dwellings are safe and at peace.

I see a city where music and worship fill the streets. There is laughter and freedom and victory is the perpetual theme. I literally see a party…and there ain’t no party like a holy ghost party cuz a holy ghost party don’t stop! …back to the vision.

I see a city transformed by the identity of Jesus Christ. There is no separation or qualifying distinction between God and his people. Jesus has become our mirror! We no longer detect the stains of our sins or the scars of our many failures in life. Instead we appear as he is; a righteous, holy, beloved child of God! Even the consciousness of sin has been forever blotted out. In this city there is rest! Hallelujah!

I see a city completely uninhabitable for lies or curses to exist. In the same way fire is not sustainable where this is no oxygen, depression cannot be sustained in this city. Addiction cannot be sustained. Cancer cannot be sustained. Hopelessness cannot be sustained. Death has given way to life and light has overtaken darkness.

In this city the devil is completely and forever defeated. There is no memorial for him anywhere and he will have no rights or access ever again.

When I close my eyes I see the church as a city. A city steeped in the love, truth and identity of God. Blow the trumpets in Zion! The year of the redeemed has come!

Heath Rainwater is lead pastor at Grace Point NW Church, www.gracepointnw.org.