Fairy tale returns to Sumner

The ManeStage Theatre Company opened in 2008 and for the second time it is performing Snow White.

Snow White played by Kayli HIggins rehearses Friday with Summer Mays who was filling in as an understudy for the dwarf Dippy in ManeStage Theatre Company’s production of Snow White.

The ManeStage Theatre Company opened in 2008 and for the second time it is performing Snow White.

Kayli Higgins, who played Snow White the last time, is reprising her role.

Higgins has been acting for about five years now, she said. She has acted in 27 shows and 26 of those have been with ManeStage, she added.

She said the first time she performed as Snow White, she was young and didn’t really understand the lines. Now there is “more acting behind it,” Higgins said.

“Because I’ve done it before, there is no excuse not to know what to do,” she said. “I am more focused than last time.”

For Higgins, acting has been more of a hobby, she said. But she is hoping to pursue it more and make it a career.

She said ManeStage is a place where you can go to “feel normal,” Higgins said.

And to Bryce Smith, ManeStage is like a second family, he said.

Smith who played the Prince in the first performance of Snow White is taking on a different role this time around. Smith is playing the Magic Mirror.

He has been acting for eight years and started with ManeStage when they opened six years ago.

“It is awesome to see the company grow,” Smith said.

Smith said it is “awesome” doing the show again because he knows it really well. This time though, he is seeing it from a different point of view.

The magic mirror hangs from the ceiling and Smith is back stage being projected onto a TV screen that is the mirror.

This is the first time, he said, that he has acted with people without being on the stage.

Like Higgins, he sees acting more as a hobby.

Brittney Stout for the first time is both acting in the show and musical director.

Stout is playing the Evil Queen.

“It has been a little hectic,” she said. “But it’s fun.”

Stout said she has never played an evil roll before and it is exciting for her not to play the princess.

“It is nice to step out and embrace my dark side,” Stout said.

She was not in the first production of Snow White but she has watched a video of one of the performances.

“It is nice to see the differences,” Stout said. “It makes you proud, seeing the growth.”

Stout plays the Evil Queen pre-hag, another actress plays the Queen when she transforms herself into the hag who gives Snow White the poisoned apple.

“With duel roles, you work more together,” Stout said. “We try to keep the same nastiness of the Queen.”

Similar to Higgins and Smith, Stout feels most comfortable and most at home at ManeStage.

Stout said she thinks it would be interesting to try acting professionally if there was a show out there that she really wanted to do but for the time being, she plans on staying with ManeStage.

Not all those who act at ManeStage are local to Sumner, Smith said you get a good mix of people from all over the greater Seattle area.

The performance of Snow White varies a little from the Disney version. The main differences are that Snow White and the Prince have been friends since they were younger, the dwarfs have different names and act differently than their movie counter parts.

ManeStage has performed more than 40 shows since they opened and with each show the number of patrons increases.

“It is nice to see audiences get bigger and bigger each show,” Higgins said.

Snow White opened Saturday, Feb. 1 and has six more shows running until Sunday, Feb. 16. The next show is at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7.

Performances take place at the Sumner Performing Arts Center. Tickets start at $11 and can be purchased online, at the door or over the phone.

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