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I recently rediscovered my favorite TV show, One Tree Hill, and started watching the entire series.

I recently rediscovered my favorite TV show, One Tree Hill, and started watching the entire series.

When I sit and think of the Seattle Seahawks champion season, a line from One Tree Hill comes to mind.

“Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?”

I think the same can be applied to the Hawks.

The Hawks are World Champions, they set out to go all the way and they accomplished their goal.

The city, more than a month later, is still buzzing about that win. Blue and green can still be seen all around town and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

The only thing left for them to do is win another and perhaps win it this next season and make it two in a row.

Winning one Super Bowl is hard enough and winning another and in a row is even harder. But I think the Hawks have something good going and I think they have more to accomplish and have the drive to do so.

There will be a lot of changes made to the team and some big ones already have been.

So far, at the time of press, the Seahawks have resigned defensive lineman Michael Bennett, tight end Anthony McCoy, defensive tackle Tony McDaniel, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and kicker Steven Hauschka. The Hawks have also added wide receiver Taylor Price to the roster.

On the other side of things, the Hawks have made some changes that fans may not appreciate as much.

They have let go of defensive end Chris Clemons and he has reportedly signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Others to say good bye to Seattle are wide receiver Golden Tate, right tackle Breno Giacomini, defensive tackle Clinton McDonald, linebacker O’Brien Schofield, free safety Chris Maragos, cornerback Walter Thurmond and cornerback Brandon Browner.

All have reportedly signed contracts with other teams.

And that’s not the end of it, there are still three unrestricted free agents and four restricted free agents.

I urge fans to let these players go. They played one hell of a season last year and they gave Seattle their all while they were part of the Seahawks. But with no personal ties to the city and having gone all the way with Seattle, why not let the players go who want to leave?

For as long as I can remember, fans have hated it when players leave for more money. Former Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriquez was booed when stepping up to the plate at Safeco Field for the New York Yankees. Former kicker Josh Brown didn’t receive the warmest welcoming when he would return to Seattle as a St. Louis Ram.

Rodriquez and Brown were great when they played for Seattle and so many of the Seahawks that have left already this year were great as well.

But why should we stop them from going or be mad that they did and act like poor sports when they return on an opposing team.

A lot of players said they would never leave for more money and most of the times they do just that. But can we blame them? Stand in their shoes for a second, would you pass up more money to stay?

I think most of us can answer no to that question. Playing professional sports is a business. Playing for the Hawks are these players’ jobs and when they leave, it isn’t because they don’t like it here, it is because they have been offered a better job and a raise somewhere else.

And don’t get me wrong, not every player leaves for money. There are other factors that they have to consider – have I done all I can with this team (example, winning the Super Bowl)? Is it my time to go, is the team going anywhere, can I be better if I play somewhere else?

I can assure you that leaving one team for another is not an easy decision for anyone.

Sure, I hate to see these players go. Of course, I wish the team could remain the same but I know that isn’t logical.

Just because you were great one year, doesn’t mean the same thing will happen again the next year if you keep everything the same – same coaches, same roster. There are variables that change – the schedule changes year to year, guys get hurt.

The Seahawks are evolving and changing and we should let them. Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider, along with the rest of the Seahawks organization, did a great job putting together the 2014 Super Bowl champion team, so why not let them work their magic again and put together an even better team for next season.

The Seahawks proved it isn’t impossible to win a Super Bowl if you put your all into it and who is to say they won’t be able to do it again.

Like our great quarterback Russell Wilson says, “Why not us?”

Go Hawks!

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