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As I sit here in the office this morning, trying to do take care of my daily tasks -- I only have one thing on my mind.

As I sit here in the office this morning, trying to do take care of my daily tasks — I only have one thing on my mind.

The Seahawks 28-22 win over the Green Bay Packers Sunday.

I am still in shock.

I have to admit, for a while during the game I was losing faith.

I was starting to think about what a great season we had and how we were that close to making it to the Super Bowl again this year.

And then everything changed.

The fourth quarter, actually the last few minutes of the game, might have been the most exciting minutes I can ever remember watching of a football game in my life.

It happened so fast.

So many of the Seahawks’ final plays that needed to go Seattle’s way, did.

It was perfect.

In a way, I’m happy the game turned out the way it did — being as stressful as it was because last year, we didn’t get that in the Super Bowl.

It was nice to win and nice to win big over the Denver Broncos but having close, nail biting games make watching all that more entertaining.

During the game I was getting very frustrated with Lakewood local, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse.

For those who know me, it has always been known that I had a love-hate for Kearse when he played for the Dawgs.

He would drive me crazy when he could catch passes when he was double, even triple teamed but would drop passes straight to him.

But when he started playing for the Hawks, things changed. He got Lasik eye surgery in February 2013 and that seemed to help him see the passes coming his way more clearly.

Now that you know the history of my love-hate for Kearse, you will understand why I was frustrated with him Sunday.

No matter if Russell Wilson should have thrown some or all of those passes to him or not, all four of Wilson’s interceptions came off passes intended for Kearse.

And it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

When the game was down to the wire, I was getting nervous even watching Wilson attempt to pass the ball to anyone — I couldn’t stand to see the Packers pick it off again.

And I was convinced that if he threw Kearse’s way, it would be intercepted again for sure.

As I watched with my fiancee and his family and let them all know my feelings toward Kearse and the interceptions – I told them there was one way for him to redeem himself.

I said, he would be able to do so if he scored the game winning touchdown.

Little did I know, that less than four minutes into overtime that would actually happen.

Wilson hit Kearse for the 35 yard touchdown, sending everyone in Seattle into a frenzy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Kearse had redeemed himself.

This looked all too familiar, too – Kearse caught the game winning touchdown in last year’s conference title game against the 49ers.

And for the first time in 10 years, the Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions trying to win back-to-back titles.

Watching Wilson and Kearse and a number of other Hawks show their true emotions after the game was almost as breathtaking as the game itself.

It was nice to see the raw emotion flow from people who society wants us to think are big, tough guys who don’t cry.

Those tears of joy shed by the Hawks shows the heart these players have. You can see the hard work and dedication they put into what they do out there on the field.

It may not have been pretty, at first, and it may not have been the best game, offensively, but the Hawks held on and fought back.

Now they are headed back to a familiar stage where everyone’s eyes will be on them as they defend their title facing off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Feb. 1.

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