Remember “drive hammered, get nailed”

Summer is the season of fun in the sun and getting together with family for barbeques, boating or a day at the beach. Many of these get-togethers include alcohol and, all too often, impaired driving. A day of fun quickly turns into a game of chance, with loved ones gambling with their life or the lives of others on the drive home.

The Enumclaw Police Department is again participating in the National August DUI Crackdown. That is why we will be conducting extra DUI patrols throughout August. Our goals are to take impaired drivers off the road to protect sober drivers who share the roadways and to save families from the devastating consequences of a DUI collision.

Impaired driving is the most frequently committed crime in America and as a 13-year veteran of the Enumclaw Police Department I have seen the violence first-hand.

You can help keep our roads safe by trying the following tips at your next summer gathering:

• Maintain a designated driver rule at your summer parties – a sober driver must accompany anyone who drinks alcohol.

• Ask for your guest’s car keys before serving them an alcoholic beverage.

• Host a dry (alcohol-free) party. Offer your guests a delicious punch and fun, nonalcoholic drink alternatives.

• Limit the supply of alcohol on hand to avoid excessive drinking.

• Prevent impaired guests from driving, even if it means a confrontation. Although uncomfortable, a momentary argument over car keys is nothing compared to the lifetime of pain caused from a DUI collision.

• Plan safe rides home for guests before the party begins or be prepared to let them stay over.

• Finally, remind your guests that extra DUI patrols are happening.

One night, one party, one event, can change a family’s life forever. A day or evening of drinking alcohol is not worth risking your life and the lives of those you love. So remember, after your next barbecue, boating or day at the beach if you “drive hammered,” you will “get nailed.”

Lt. Bob Huebler

Enumclaw Police Department