The world is too dangerous a place to have Hillary in the White House | Letter to the Editor

After an eventful primary presidential election, it appears the presidential candidates have been chosen: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

After an eventful primary presidential election, it appears the presidential candidates have been chosen: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I must say that the Democrats choosing Hillary Clinton is very depressing to me. Despite the history that Hillary has provided to voters, Democrats still chose her to represent them in the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be the most corrupt presidential candidate in my 50-year lifetime. More so than Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

All you have to do is have an open mind and investigate Hillary Clinton’s performance as secretary of state prior to and during the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and his staff had requested through Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions for more security. Hillary and President Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly denied that request for additional security. Hillary and the State Department had intelligence a terrorist attack was about to occur. Sadly, Hillary ignored that information to help Obama in his upcoming 2012 election and protect her legacy for future presidential elections.

Well, the terrorist attack occurred and Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans died.

The attack was ongoing for a prolonged period of time. The Americans in Libya begged Hillary Clinton for military intervention to save their lives. Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama denied those requests just for political expediency. There were military personnel a short distance away that were willing to respond but Hillary ordered them to stand down.

Four Americans died in order to protect Obama in the presidential race.

Four Americans died in order to protect Hillary’s legacy.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Hillary then had the evil intent to lie to the American public and the families of the Americans killed and blamed an anti-Muslim film produced by an American citizen that caused a spontaneous protest. Despite all the evidence pointing toward her incompetence as secretary of state, she stuck to that story.

Four Americans died, Hillary lied.

I don’t have the time to go into the corruption surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the tens of millions of dollars Hillary made giving speeches to big banks and Wall Street since she left the White House.

I don’t have time to go into the opinions of average people that worked around Hillary Clinton and how mean she was to people around her. Mean people like Hillary really do suck. Being mean to your subordinates isn’t leadership, it is just being a bully.

It really is sad that the Democratic Party would ignore the obvious and ignore what their parents taught them about right and wrong, and actually vote for someone like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton does not have the temperament or the competence to be president. She is mean, callous and only cares about financially enriching herself. She is an evil bully.

The world is too dangerous for Hillary to be president.

Jon E Buss


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