Bunker is the best choice for the White River School Board

She cares about everyone’s success.

When it comes time in November to vote for the Board of Directors for the WRSD Board, I highly recommend you cast your vote for Karen Bunker who is running for Director, District 2. I have personally known Karen for 20 years as a neighbor and a close friend. She is a devoted wife of 29 years to Scott and a loving and supportive mother to their two kids, Kelsey and Kyle. Additionally, Karen is also a church member and an engaged community member.

Karen’s true passion is making a difference in the lives of the many students she has taught over her 33 years as an educator. She brings to our Board her education of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Washington University and her Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governor’s University. Karen also brings the perspective of a parent – Kelsey and Kyle are recent graduates of the WRSD and Karen was an avid supporter and volunteer for their many activities, clubs and sports throughout their educational journey. She was and still is an advocate of their many teachers and administration and volunteered wherever needed, including serving in several leadership positions in the PTA over the years.

Karen not only cares about her kids’ success, but yours and mine as well. She is not afraid to speak up and offer her ideas, but she is also an amazing listener. Just like you and I, Karen cares about a quality education from the earliest years on that will set our kids up to become successful members of our community or wherever their dreams take them. Regardless of their individual struggles or hurdles, she believes in and wants all kids to succeed. She brings to the Board a personal knowledge and experience of being a parent of a child with special needs. Having a child on the Autism spectrum has given her a unique insight into your child who might have their own special challenges and needs.

Karen brings to the Board a great insight into the leadership and the programs that are necessary to deliver a quality, high level of learning and an atmosphere that supports all children. Because of her personal ethics, integrity and loyalty, she will not disappoint and will take this position very seriously. Karen will work tirelessly to support the District in this position. Her attention to detail and skill with numbers will be invaluable when working to adopt the budget. Karen will be a strong community advocate while protecting your tax dollars and see to it they are used wisely for the benefit of each and every student. We would all be remiss to not see to it that she is elected to serve for the next four years. So, please join me in November and vote for Karen Bunker.

Camille Howard


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Bunker is the best choice for the White River School Board

She cares about everyone’s success.

Vote Bunker for White River School Board

Karen embodies many things — from a great educator to an excellent advocate — that makes her the best choice.