Elfers falling for Democrats’ propaganda

He said the Democrats played the political game “much more deftly” than the Republicans. Nonsense.

It appears Rich Elfers and I have a difference of opinion about the Kavanaugh hearings and the upcoming election. Maybe we can agree on the facts. Maybe not, since his recent columns show he probably didn’t read the article I presented in a previous letter from the NY Post, 9-25, “8 big problems for Christine Blasey Ford.” He should also read Lisa Boothe’s article in The Hill, 10-3, “Christine Blasey Ford has a credibility problem.” These articles and others show that while Ford sounded compelling, her story didn’t add up. There were a host of inconsistencies between her story and her therapist notes, the Washington Post’s story and her best friend’s story just to mention a few. The Arizona prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, who has prosecuted sex crime cases for 25 years, stated Ford’s story changed multiple times and there were gaps and inconsistencies in her testimony. She said the case was weaker than a “he said, she said case” and doesn’t even meet the preponderance of evidence standard, the lowest bar in any case. Mitchell did her job. To date, the Democrats and virtually all of the liberal media haven’t questioned Ford’s story. Why? They don’t want the public to know the truth.

Elfers told us the Democrats played the political game “much more deftly” than the Republicans. Nonsense. Despite a Politico poll, a recent NPR/PBS/Marist poll showed the Democratic enthusiasm gap has evaporated, Rasmussen has the generic Congressional ballot tied and other polling show Republican senate candidates moving up.

Elfers said Republicans “rushed” to appoint Kavanaugh and Democrats felt the FBI investigation wasn’t thorough enough. This is Democratic propaganda. President Trump took only 12 days to nominate Judge Kavanaugh because he was already on a list of candidates. While the Republicans wanted to confirm Kavanaugh so he could be seated on the Supreme Court by October 1st, Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, stated Kavanaugh’s confirmation took 3 weeks longer than a normal confirmation. The FBI supplemental investigation was done by the book according to FBI Director Christopher Wray. Every witness Ford named denied being at the party she described and additional witness interviews requested by the Democrats weren’t witnesses to the allegations.

Elfers quotes a PBS story that several high school and college friends accused Kavanaugh of lying about his drinking. No mention that many other classmates refuted that story and 65 women classmates who knew Kavanaugh in high school and over the past 35 years signed a letter supporting him.

This was a political hit job from the very beginning. The Democrats wanted to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing until after the midterm election when they might control the Senate. They didn’t want another originalist/conservative on the Supreme Court and they were willing to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation, livelihood and family all for power. It was a despicable display of partisan politics. Judge now Justice Kavanaugh was completely innocent of all the bogus charges.

Craig Chilton

Bonney Lake