Enumclaw, Black Diamond deserve excellent education opportunities

Support the upcoming bond measure and allow local students to thrive.

Supporting the bond is an investment in this community’s future.

While at Enumclaw High School, I spent countless hours in the auditorium participating in theater, choir, stagecraft, and dance programs. I am thankful to have been a part of the incredible art and memorable experiences in a space I called a second home. But seeing the auditorium decay year after year, it’s clear that the thriving performing arts have outgrown the decaying stage.

As stewards of the auditorium, students and staff have gone to great lengths to ensure it can host every event. Concerts, musicals, ballets, community gatherings, and plays invite thousands of spectators each year. Every available resource has been committed to keeping those doors open. But despite that effort, the building’s failing electric system, disheveled exterior, and dated structure can no longer be sustained by another coat of paint.

Like other Hornets, I attribute many life lessons and learning opportunities to the arts. They play a crucial role in the overall education and development of students. The arts foster creativity and self-expression, improving academic performance, critical thinking skills, and cultural understanding. As these programs have enriched our community, Enumclaw has flourished. I trust that my hometown will continue to uplift the arts as a core value of excellence in education.

With your support, the bond would build a new performing arts center, develop a modernized athletic complex, construct a new elementary school in Black Diamond, replace Byron Kibler Elementary and the Birth to Five Center (J.J. Smith Elementary), and secure safety and security upgrades district-wide. Take pride in supporting this endeavor and remain committed to investing in the future of our society, our community, and our students. For a school district dedicated to serving this community unlike any other, there can be no greater contribution than your vote.

Enumclaw and Black Diamond deserve it.

Kameron Jacobs

Enumclaw High School, Class of 2010