Letter response confuses ‘creating money’ with ‘generating income’

The government only survives because of private business owners.

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In my opinion, Chris Quiles wrote the most bizarre response letter ever printed in this paper (“Letter writer doesn’t understand the economy”, published Sept. 23). The fact that I have been in business for 42 years, and being a Republican apparently imposes upon me a fundamental misunderstanding of the economy and its direct connection to our government.

As stated in my original letter, the money all government agencies (local, state, and federal) receive in taxes, is money created by private businesses and their employees. Mr. Quiles is stuck on the word “created”, by insisting only the federal government can “create” money. That would mean print currency. When I used the word “create” the context means: Generating income! Producing income! Earning income. Somehow Democrat Chris got confused with the term “create”, with the word manufacture. No private business that I’m aware of manufactures money. Furthermore, in Chris’s letter he states correctly that, “No state in the union can create money”. That was exactly the point of my original letter.

A city, county and state government must rely upon private businesses and their employees to “generate”, “produce”, “earn”, “create” nearly 100 percent of the tax revenue to fund their operations and programs. Government employees, in fact, don’t contribute to taxes because the money they received in pay and benefits came directly from taxes paid by private businesses.

Taxes paid by government employees are simply funds “generated”, “earned” or “created” from private businesses, collected by the government, which then pays the government employee. This is why government employee are to work at our pleasure, not the other way around. Another term it used to be called was public servant. Private businesses are actually the public servants.

Mr. Quiles also states that, ‘the last three republican administrations have blown-up the national deficit while the democrats have decreased the deficit.” A really simple Google search proves this to be a total absolute 180 degree opposite lie. George Bush (a Republican) in the first year of his term had a budget surplus. Yet during the eight years of Obama, the United States had by far the highest deficit in U.S. History.

Mr. Quiles last line was so obviously Biden-esque, it must be printed again: “So, when you hear Republicans spouting how terrible government is, remember, the U.S. Government creates your money”. “Just like sun, without it nothing grows.”

How stupid of me, to have been working my tail off for over 40 years to create my own money. Of course Mr. Quiels would call that counterfeiting.

Ted DeVol


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