Letter to the Editor: A community center will improve Enumclaw’s quality of life for all

Enumclaw’s mayor weighs in on the upcoming community center vote (as a private citizen).

Speaking only as an Enumclaw resident, I too am concerned for our community and that is why I support the proposed community center.

This has been discussed but never voted on for over 25 years. I am concerned for the parents with toddlers that would welcome an area for their children to have age-appropriate activities.

I too am concerned about elementary school age children providing them with adequate space to join sports leagues without having to be placed on a wait list and miss a season to play. I too am concerned for teens having the opportunity to attend open gym activities to occupy their after-school hours with healthy choices.

I too am concerned for our seniors, those who currently attend and those in the future that will be attending the senior center, in providing a space that respects their years of contributing to our city in which they can have a hot meal, exercise space to dance and socialize, a kitchen that can safely and adequately provide meals for lunches as well as meals delivered to home bound seniors. I too am concerned with the 97-year-old senior center building and other public buildings that are aging out and need new investment to continue the quality of life that we talk about here in the city we all call home.

Jan Molinaro