Letter to the Editor: Democrats make this country unsafe

Reader Jon Buss argues the left wants to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Governor Inslee, taking aim at AR15’s, recently signed into law multiple gun control laws. And all the lemmings shouted, “Hooray, we are all safer”. Yes, all those military style weapons of war AR15’s will be gone. Hahahaha!

Inslee isn’t an idiot. He knows these laws will be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. He is doing this to feed red meat to his leftist supporters. The Washington Supreme Court won’t overturn these laws because they are the legal arm of the Democrat Party and will rubber stamp any Democrat law. Fortunately for law abiding gun owners, the US Supreme Court has the backbone to make decisions affirming the 2nd Amendment.

For the Courts to affirm these gun control laws, the standard of dangerous and unusual is looked at. All firearms are dangerous, but not all are unusual. History shows firearms in society are not unusual. Not even the militaristic looking weapons of war AR-15s. There are over 20 million AR-15s in the possession of legal gun owners. And with every threat of more gun control laws by Democrats, the sales only go up. I never thought the Democrat Party would be the firearm sales person of the year. Hahaha!

If Inslee and his fellow leftists want us to be safer, undo the laws they passed in 2020 that took the cuffs off criminals and put them on police. Democrats have emboldened criminals to commit crimes. They have emboldened criminals to run from police or fight with police. Criminals now know there is a good chance the police officer will be disciplined, fired and prosecuted if a physical altercation or deadly force situation occurs. Why do Democrats want to protect criminals from prosecution? Why do Democrats want criminals to continue to victimize citizens?

But Democrats want to disarm law abiding citizens and claim this will make us safer. Sorry I don’t believe them, they also claimed handcuffing police and protecting criminals will make us safer.

The Second Amendment is quite clear about the right to gun ownership and fortunately the Supreme Court recognizes this right. Thanks to Donald Trump for appointing Justices that recognize all rights. Also, if you think critically about it, the 2nd Amendment protects the rest of the Constitution.

Two additional thoughts that make us less safe and violate our rights. Keep an eye out for Democrat politicians starting to control your speech. They will label speech as dangerous and harmful and hurtful. They’ll pass administrative laws restricting speech just like they are passing laws to restrict gun ownership. Keep an eye out for leftist prosecutors that believe in “social justice” or “restorative justice” or prosecutors that write criminals acts off as “mental health issues”. They are dangerous because this belief system destabilizes society. No one will be held criminally liable for their criminal acts. Leftists and their gun control laws and speech control laws make us less safe.

Republicans aren’t perfect, but at least they aren’t bat crap crazy.

God protect us from Democrats.

Jon Buss