Letter to the Editor: Polarizing headline wasn’t mine — but my letter stands

Reader Larry Benson responds to a letter being called hateful against Christians.

Brian DiNielli accuses me of sowing the seeds of resentment polarization and violence in a recent letter (“Editor should be more discerning about letters,” published April 12).

Just to be clear, I didn’t chose that heading for my letter, my heading, as I sent it to editor Ray Miller-Still was “Maybe a Response to Weekly Religious Columns”.

I would agree that the heading Ray chose was very provocative indeed. But if you think that laying out the facts of what men knew about the world at the time of the writings of the bible is somehow misconstrued, I would like to understand why you think that is, sowing the seeds of resentment, polarization and violence.

If you mean that someone who believes so strongly in these myths, fables and legends, most of which were borrowed from much earlier myths, fables and legends, would react so strongly to these inconvenient truths that they might wish to do me bodily harm, you may be right but it is exactly that kind of mindset that I am attempting to reach and if I am able to open even one persons mind to think for themselves and not be guided by some 2000 year-old texts written by people totally ignorant of the real world around them I will feel I have succeeded in my efforts.

That is my one goal, not sowing the seeds of resentment, polarization and resentment. There is actually a large part of our population that is sowing those seeds, they’re commonly called Republicans. If you don’t think that’s true, just read Rich Elfers’ column in the same edition as Brian’s letter. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson