Mr. Benson should quit while he’s behind

Some examples of how Democrats are keeping America from flourishing.

Another Letter to the Editor by Larry Benson set me to wondering. There must be some reason he gets almost as much ink as Rich Elfers. My ponderings leave me to believe Benson is either the editor’s uncle, or there’s some sort of blackmail in the works, or Larry’s buying all of the Brewskies with the Newsie on a regular basis. The investigation continues.

Not sure how Benson can observe the increased inflation and gas prices since Biden took office and not understand the obvious. The first day in office President Joe shut down the pipeline construction. The U.S. was mostly self-sufficient in petroleum during the “Orange Criminal(‘s)” (Benson’s claptrap moniker) administration — $2 per gallon, not $5 – $7 presently. The U.S. inflation rate in 2020 stood at 1.2 percent (now 9.1 percent); global rate was 1.55 percent (now 9.2 percent) — has it gone up, Larry? Even Pollyana would grimace at those figures. Neither can one print trillions of dollars without backing and not create inflation and wiping out any wage increases. If we ran our personal finances like the present government, this country would be in greater shambles.

As for Trump’s 45 percent approval rating, Biden and his minions would do leaps and handsprings to have it at this time. Polls don’t always reflect the peoples’ beliefs. In 2016 according to the queen of surveys Quinnipiac Poll stated Hilary would win — how did that turn out? The mid-terms will be interesting. “Just sayin.’”

“Follow the science” the progressives shouted during the Trump — Covid times, but the tune has changed. Now, science be dammed! Alert! Science says conception (life) begins when the sperm fertilizes the oocyte. A scientific test will tell the male or female sex of the person in the womb. What happens to one’s body includes thinking about your actions prior to acting. Spur of the moment decisions may lead to undesired consequences. The responsibility for life begins before the child inhabited the womb room. Sadly, a 10 year old girl was raped and impregnated by 27 year old Gerson Fuentes, an illegal Guatemalan immigrant, who should never see the light of day outside a prison. Rapes and incest make up 0.5 – 1 percent of the abortions — even one rape is too many.

In 1966 the Civil Rights Bill passed because a majority of Republicans voted for it. JFK proposed the Civil Rights Act before his assassination and LBJ followed up passing the bill in 1964. President Johnson congratulated the majority of those conservative Republicans who voted for the Act thus saving it. Al Gore, Sr and the Southern Democrats voted against it. Yes, I’m sayin’ the Rs have done some amazing things in the “last 70 years.”

George Terhaar