Not surprised COVID cases on the rise in Enumclaw

Have people given up caring for others?

I can’t say I was surprised by the COVID stats mentioned by the editor in the Jan. 6 newspaper (“The ‘Claw breaks COVID case records over Christmas week”).

Shopping and walking around Enumclaw and seeing so many people unmasked still shocks me. Do these people not read nor comprehend how this is a pandemic that will only be eradicated by scientific-backed vaccinations and boosters and still masking up, hand washing, and taking all of the precautions suggested by the CDC? I can only guess that when a family member is hospitalized and/or dies from a virus that could have been prevented will you realize, yes, I had a choice.

Back to walking around Enumclaw, I see so many “older” people that are about my age that had to have had the polio, Rubella and various other shots over the years that our parents didn’t know what were in those vaccines and we are still here to still here to debate the issue.

I pity the families out there that have or will lose loved ones because of their decisions regarding getting vaxxed and boosted or even masking up. I can only think how selfish you are to not want to help your community.

I don’t have kids in school, but I support every single fundraising group that is selling tickets outside of QFC, because I support and care for my community.

I am so disappointed at the stats in this area of King Country.

Dona Hagen