Prayers and higher plans

What do people pray for?

I’ve always wondered about how and why people pray. Do they pray for a different outcome, as in, “I pray my friend doesn’t die from that cancer”? Or do they pray for their friend to have the strength to face the cancer?

Because, it seems to me that whenever what they’re praying doesn’t come to pass, then they just say it was god’s will. Well, if it was always god’s will, then how did they think that praying would change it?

Anyway, here is my prime example of the power of prayer. I have a Facebook friend who’s young son has had cancer that he has been treated for for many years and there has been much hope and many setbacks. Being a person of faith she has asked for prayers for her son. I’m sure she has many christian friends who have prayed for him.

Here is how those prayers were answered: Probably due to the treatments he has endured for the cancer he already had, he now has leukemia too.

So, my question, was this part of god’s plan all along, was this an answer to all of those prayers or something else?

Larry Benson