Progressives are taking us to the circus

It’s time to get off this crazy train.

It is with labored consideration that I write to you regarding Larry Benson’s recent letter (“Democrats are keeping this country moving forward, not Republicans”, published July 20). Much to my astonishment (and chagrin) I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Benson. Democrats – more specifically the Progressive Left – are moving us forward. In fact, countrymen, we are not merely moving forward; rather we are on a speeding, one-way train. The destination? ClownVille. All aboard!

The first stop on this nonsensical tour-de-force conducted by Mr. Benson is the ham-fisted implication that the removal of your Constitutional rights would save lives. As evidence he invokes the travesty of this year’s 300 mass shootings which sadly took 337 lives. He then suggests that had the 2nd Amendment been curtailed this travesty would have been averted. Setting aside the considerable fact that your lawful use of your own firearms had nothing to do with any of this – there is a slight oversight in his plan.

Strangely missing from this line of reasoning is the fact that if he truly wanted to save people by curtailing liberties Mr. Benson could focus on abortion and the more than 63 million American lives it has ended since 1973. To put this into some perspective – we could have 300 mass shootings a week and still not even come close to the body count rendered by Planned Parenthood.

Next stop is Mr. Benson’s claim that Republicans don’t want you to have bodily freedoms – a particularly ironic accusation seeing as every post-Roe pro-abortion demonstration in Washington State mandates COVID-19 vaccination. ‘My body, my choice’ indeed.

The final stop before ClownVille is, of course, the Gender Circus – and it is quite the ménagerie d’idiots. It is here that Mr. Benson claims Republicans are morbidly concerned with your gender and sexual orientation. I know many Republicans. None of them would withhold any civil liberty from anyone be it a man, woman, straight or gay so long as you do it in the privacy of your own home and don’t drag them into it. This should be where the boundary of civil engagement ends.

But alas, that is not where the Progressive Left stops. Instead, they strive to convince you there are fifty-three and a half (and counting) genders though none of them are verifiable. They promote ‘Drag Storytime’ so grown men dressed in full drag can read stories to your children. Their own Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t tell you what a woman is – even though she is one. No thanks Mr. Benson – I’m getting off here.

As for me and mine, when it comes time to vote we will not be joining Mr. Benson and his progressive cohorts on their joy ride. Rather, we will vote for ReasonTown. Or Neighborly Way. Or any destination other than ClownVille. That is the only way we, fellow plateau residents, can get this country back on track.

C.K. Shreve

Bonney Lake