State must say “no” to Enumclaw airport

For once, Sen. Fortunato and I agree.

Sen. Phil Fortunato and I disagree on many issues, but we certainly agree on this: the state should immediately drop the Enumclaw Plateau from the list of potential sites for a new commercial airport.

As a member of the King County Council representing south King County in the 1990s, I was heavily involved in the debate over airport expansion. The Puget Sound does need new airport capacity, but not a new airport in the middle of a protected rural area.

Also, as a member of the county council I was part of the debates over growth management and protecting farmlands. King County made a promise that the Enumclaw Plateau would be forever preserved for farmland. That promise must be kept.

The state should cease consideration of the Enumclaw site immediately. If they do not, the next legislature will need to act.

Chris Vance