‘Systemic racism’ is meant to divide us

There is inequality, but it’s not systemic.

I would just like to thank those who have been “educating” us all on the realities of systemic racism. Especially while using such “evidence” as the wage gap between white Americans and black Americans for proof. You see, as a white male I now know that any wage gap disparities between white Americans and black Americans are due solely to systemic racism and are a result of a history of white supremacy. However, I looked into those numbers a little deeper. I see that Asian Americans outperform all other racial and ethnic groups in pretty much every quantifiable category, to include white Americans. So, by using the loose logic of others then I can safely say that systemic racism is to blame for the wage gap between Asian Americans and white Americans like myself, and that this systemic racism is hurting white American wages in favor of Asian American wages.

Or, maybe not. Maybe there are other factors at play other than implying some kind of unprovable underlying racial bias or animus? I mean, if the entire system was rigged to prop up the supposed white supremacist system then why would Hispanics/Latinos be closing the wage gap with white Americans faster than black Americans? Is the system not really all that racist but only just a little bit racist? Or is this all more complex than some simple minded far left extremist Marxists would have us believe?

Of course it’s more complex. It’s much more complex. More complex than I have room to write in this context. However, let me be perfectly clear. Any disparities that do exist in earnings or education between racial or ethnic groups should not be boiled down to some simplistic us vs. them racial propaganda. Forcing people into a victim or oppressor category is divisive and rooted in hatred and intolerance. It does absolutely nothing to help improve the lives or well being of those who have been miseducated their entire lives that they are victims of some other diabolical out-group. All it does is spread hatred, intolerance, bigotry, envy, and greed. It denies our common humanity. It denies our capacity for empathy. It denies our human desire for love and understanding.

However, I believe that is exactly what this pseudo-religious cult-like Marxist dogma is intending. Whatever spin one wants to place upon history, one thing has been objectively true since the birth of civilization; those who wish to obtain absolute power can only do so by keeping a populace divided against each other lest they become united and rise up against those who wish to enslave them.

Regardless of our nations past, systemic racism today is not a thing. There are disparities between groups that are real. However, those disparities will never improve if one is made to feel like a powerless victim all for political gain while never objectively determining the actual “why” behind those disparities.

Instead, we must remember our common humanity and reject this feeble attempt to divide us.

Jay Lowell