Tired of COVID accusations

If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

The Courier-Herald is packed with letters from people harshly scolding Enumclaw residents for not sufficiently caring about the pandemic. Never mind the countless unmasked and unvaccinated immigrants who illegally cross our borders every year, then disperse across the nation. Never mind the medical doctors who insisted fiery protests against “racism” were far more important than fighting the pandemic (Time Magazine, June 10, 2020). Never mind that the masked and vaccinated are still carrying viral loads, spreading, and catching COVID today.

No, none of these inconsistencies bother folks who gain a sense of righteous indignation from excoriating people in our small community.

Yet, unlike the many burdensome COVID mandates we all currently endure, visiting or living in Enumclaw is entirely voluntary. King County occupies an expansive 2307 sq. miles, of which Enumclaw claims less than six. If people truly believe us to be an ignorant village of misanthropes, ten minutes and a pair of roller skates can take them safely away.

Dan Ballmer