Landscape photography decorating Enumclaw’s City Hall

Darren Chromey got his start in photography by buying a used camera off Ebay.

New artwork is hanging up in Enumclaw’s City Hall Council Chambers.

This month’s artist is Darren Chromey, who on top of being an avid photographer is also an engineer technician with the city.

Chromey first got into photography in 2014 when he bought a used Sony a6000 mirrorless camera off Ebay, and soon found his niche in landscape photography. He also enjoys photographing wildlife, architecture, and astrophotography (pictures of the night sky).

“I’ve always loved the outdoors, hiking, climbing,” Chromey said. “Whenever I have a chance to go outside, I always bring my camera. … It’s not easy, and that’s what I like about it. It makes me feel really humble in what we can capture out in the world.”

However, his favorite subjects are sunrises and sunsets.

“You can get (them) wherever you are,” he said, and they offer some of the most vibrant displays of color one can capture.

Chromey has sold prints, but this is technically his first gallery. He’s hoping to share his art at the local street fair and farmers markets this summer.

His advice for budding photographers: Look for the shots that other photographers aren’t taking.

“Let’s say you like to capture lighthouses. Maybe you capture it from a different angle … or a lighthouse that’s (not) the one in your backyard. … Go out of your comfort zone, and you’ll be amazed. You’ll see incredible things. That’s what photography has taught me.”

Those interested in Chromey’s work can find him on his Instagram at or; his work will be displayed until Marych 31.

Pacific Northwest artists looking to have their own artwork displayed in Enumclaw’s City Hall can contact Cultural Programs and Events Coordinator Alina Hibbs at or 253-263-3380.

Darren Chromey

Darren Chromey

Artwork by Darren Chromey

Artwork by Darren Chromey