New charges against Black Diamond man who poisoned step-daughter

The new charges against Allen Bittner involve child molestation and rape.

A Black Diamond man recently charged with administering chloroform to his young stepdaughter is now also being charged with child molestation and rape.

The suspect, Allen W. Bittner, was arrested in early November for giving his 13-year-old stepdaughter the chemical, which caused her to fall unconscious, vomit, and stop breathing, necessitating an airlift to Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she was put on a breathing tube.

According to court documents, Bittner originally told officers he didn’t know what the chemical was — only that he used it while he was in the Navy as a way to “open the airway and kill bacteria.” He also told officers he received the chemical from a work friend only identified as “John,” whom Bittner did not have contact information for.

However, after executing a search warrant, it was revealed Bittner was researching how to make his own chloroform and its effects just a week prior to the incident.

Bittner was arrested on Nov. 9, but paid the $50,000 bail. However, he then violated a no-contact order by moving to a residence within 1,000 feet from the child, and was arrested again Nov. 19. He then paid a $200,000 bond and changed his residence to Bonney Lake.

His arraignment for violating the no-contact order was scheduled for Nov. 27, but Bittner failed to appear, having been hospitalized for “an apparent suicide attempt,” charging papers read.

On that same day, both the child who was hospitalized because of the chloroform and her sister were interviewed and told investigators they were sexually abused over the last two years.

The children said Bittner watched them shower and dress, touched them inappropriately, and raped one of the children at least twice; he allegedly told one child that this was “normal American culture,” that she “should not be so shy,” and to not trust the police or Child Protective Services, court documents read.

The Dec. 4 charging papers state Bittner is officially being charged with two counts of child molestation in the first degree, one count of rape of a child in the second degree, and one count of child molestation in the second degree.

Bail was set at $500,000, and the arraignment hearing is scheduled for Dec. 19.