Choosing to ‘Find Kind’ in tumultuous times

Sometimes, all we need to do is change our perspective.

  • Aug 19, 2020

Cities must make developers pay for school growth

Otherwise, taxpayers will be put on the hook for millions.

  • Aug 18, 2020

A desire for certainty

We sometimes pick certainty over much better choices.

Moving forward, together

The world is a big place — the only way to get through it is with one another.

  • Aug 12, 2020

Vote for Rep. Kim Schrier

Her leadership is vital during this pandemic.

  • Aug 11, 2020

Be a responsible American and wear a mask

It’s about protecting others, not yourself.

  • Aug 7, 2020

148,000 deaths isn’t a silver lining

And what was that about a Civil War?

  • Aug 7, 2020

An age of insanity

Both the left and right are acting emotionally and illogically.

Financial freedom in a post-COVID World | Few Minute Finance

Columnist Luke Miller, a pilot passionate about personal finance, introduces himself to Courier-Herald readers.

  • Aug 5, 2020

Mandates aren’t laws

And police can’t enforce mandates.

  • Aug 5, 2020

Enforce mask rules, give money to the needy

We all need to look our for each other, whatever we do.

  • Aug 4, 2020

In a world filled with bias, neither side has all the truth

We must be humble, self-aware, and have self-control to manage our biases.

Local police failing to enforce pandemic safety measures

I was told if I didn’t like it, I could move.

  • Jul 31, 2020

The Enumclaw Food Bank is a valuable community resource, too

We may not be as fancy as POM, but we provide vital assistance to Plateau residents.

  • Jul 30, 2020

Elfers picks politics over human suffering

There is no ‘silver lining’ to the pandemic.

  • Jul 30, 2020

EPD’s lack of mask enforcement puts community in danger

Officers need to do more than “education”.

  • Jul 29, 2020

Get ready for four more columnists

Congratulations to Luke Miller, Daisy DeVine, Julie Reece-DeMarco, and Jeff Antonelis-Lapp.

Face masks save lives and jobs across Washington

Wearing a mask saves lives and saves jobs. And all across the state, Washington employers are leading by example in the fight to stop the… Continue reading

  • Jul 28, 2020

Reconnect with those around you this Neighbors Night Out

Whether it’s in person or over the internet, this is a good time to check in with one another.

  • Jul 28, 2020

Fugate Ford saved graduation

The social distancing parade was what our students needed to celebrate.

  • Jul 27, 2020