Wally DuChateau

What happened to popular music?

Pop music has a rich history that modern musicians don’t seem to respect.


Greetings from the Big Apple

As you read this, I’ll be sitting on a convenient step gazing up and down the hallowed brick and mortar canyons of Manhattan. I say… Continue reading


Trying to make sense of Trump’s base

It’s all about a fear of change.


Where to find me when Armageddon strikes

Mount Rainier could erupt at any time — and I have my contingency plan all set.

A longtime awareness of standing on shaky ground

Anyone who has lived in the Puget Sound region for 20 years or more has experienced at least one substantial earthquake and possibly three or four.

The curse of the smart phones

Would millennials really give up sex for their devices?

Head down to Headworks for some tasty beer

I’m grateful to see the brick building at the corner of Marshall and Railroad finally occupied again.

Walking down to the Cole Street Brewery

Not only are there suds, but games and furry friends as well.

This columnist is a sugar junkie

I tried to go cold-turkey — boy, did that not work.

Myths and misconceptions about addiction

It’s important to remember not all addictions are to drugs.

On being stoned: understanding the effects of illicit substances

It’s important to know what these drugs do to your body and mind, even if you don’t use.

The dark side of small-town Enumclaw

It wasn’t long ago when white supremacists openly walked down Cole Street.

The draw of Enumclaw, as seen from younger eyes

Everyone knew, or knew of, everyone else. It was a wonderful time.

Seattle continues to grow into its own (Part II)

It’s the very definition of cosmopolitan.

Seattle continues to grow into its own

It’s no Manhattan, but it has its own charm.

Exploring the marvel of YouTube

It’s quite the phenomenon, but the big screen is still where it’s at.

Unlikely New Year predictions

I’ve never been good ad predicting the future, but that doesn’t stop me.

Time to pop the champagne

Recalling my childhood and adolescent celebrations.

A poem for the season

Here’s to happy holidays, no matter what or how you celebrate!

Holiday season romance

It’s only 11 days ‘til Christmas!