Enforce mask rules, give money to the needy

We all need to look our for each other, whatever we do.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to two letters: “Respectfully returning my stimulus check,” published July 22, 2020, and “EDP’s lack of mask enforcement puts community in danger,” published July 29, 2020.

Mr. Fisher, I am so happy for you that you are in a financial position that you could return your stimulus check to the government. Not that this return will make a bit of difference to the deficit, but a nice gesture.

To anyone else out there who is able to live without your stimulus checks, before you return them to the government, please at least consider all the people out there who are really suffering income losses, all the hungry people who can not buy food, all the animal shelters who are going without donations and think about donating your check to the local food bank, the Lions Club (they provide glasses to those who can not afford them), the Humane Society, ChildHaven, Old Dog Haven, Sunny Skies dog shelter, I could go on & on. I needed my stimulus check, but if I had not it would have been donated to those less fortunate than I.

Your money will be put to better use by a charity than it will be by the Federal Government.

Thank you, Julie, for providing the RCW’s regarding complying with Governor Inslee’s mask and social distancing mandates. I also was unable to get any assistance from the EPD regarding this issue.

A few weeks ago one of my selfish neighbors in Rainier Trails held a large party and they were playing volleyball in our common area. There was a minimum of 20 people, probably more, plus a bunch of kids running all over the area. Not one person was wearing a mask.

I called the EPD & they told me also that the mandate was unenforceable. This, of course, is not true. You would think they were asking me to arrest people. Not the case. I merely wanted them to come out and point out they needed masks in a common area. The presence of these unmasked people kept me from using the common area for walking. I am 70 years old and not about to go near anyone without a mask. I was appalled that I could not get help.

They referred me to our neighborhood “manager”. We have no manager, we have an HOA. And when I contacted our HOA president, he immediately put out a reminder to the neighborhood that masks should be worn in common areas, etc. It was not his responsibility, it was the responsibility of our police department. It is not their choice or right to pick and choose what laws they are going to enforce. If they are going to do that, then I guess it is my choice as to what laws I obey! If they will not respond to this issue, why would I want to call them regarding any other crime taking place? It is my right to be safe from anyone putting me in jeopardy for any and all reasons, and local officials need to be willing to keep us all safe, under all circumstances.

I’m also sorry a rude, selfish woman purposefully coughed on you inside the police station. This was actually a physical assault and she should have been arrested. Another failure on the part of that officer, for not doing so. I hope you do not become ill because of her lack of common sense and decency. Thanks for nothing EPD.

Dennie Anderson