Stop looking for bigotry under every rock

There are some real flaws and holes in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stop looking for bigotry under every rock

In a world possessed by groupthink, I would like to suggest factivism over activism. Our society is collapsing under the weight of emotion-based arguments. The truth is, black (if the “b” is capitalized, it is not my doing – I do not consent to the latest form of language manipulation) men are not being hunted down in the streets by police officers. ( If the US is inherently racist against people with black skin, why are black African immigrants faring well here? (

One of the most helpful solutions we could pose for all demographics in this country is to have strong nuclear families with a father in the home, as this reduces the risk of crime, poverty, mental illness, and school drop-out rates (The Boy Crisis by Warren Farrell and John Gray). Interestingly enough, I see no mention of fathers on Black Lives Matter’s website. Do we actually want to solve problems, or do we just want to engage in selective outrage? No one doubts that the United States has had racist policies in its past or that individual acts of racism can still occur, but race is currently being weaponized as a means to divide the people of this country.

Some may say, “You can’t tell someone what their lived experience is.” Okay, here is my lived experience: I am a woman (it’s all about the victim card, right?) who has been in male-dominated spaces (rock bands and blue collar manual labor) for the last 15 years, and I have done just fine through work ethic and a positive attitude.

I am white, which many will say makes me privileged, but the assumption that I am a racist or that I haven’t struggled simply because of the color of my skin is, in fact, racist. We have to stop both demonizing or idolizing people based on immutable characteristics such as race. People need to get to the business of living a full, productive life of virtue and stop all the navel-gazing. Stop encouraging and congratulating people for being perpetually offended and fragile, mining for the ever-vague umbrella terms of “bigotry” and “hate” under every rock. These words can now mean so many things that they have ultimately lost their meaning.

So you’re outraged. It’s neither brave nor groundbreaking. It’s quite literally the easiest way to get attention in this day and age. The United States, while flawed (which country isn’t?), offers the most level playing field of anywhere in the world. Be grateful for this. Utilize the opportunities at your disposal to build a better life for yourself and those around you. This begins with the pursuit of truth, looking beyond inflammatory headlines and narratives based on faulty premises. For those of you who claim to want more black voices, might I suggest the works of Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, John McWhorter, Glenn Lowry, Candace Owens, and Coleman Hughes, just to name a few.

Sabrina Littleton


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