Stop narcing on those that want to live freely

I also predict reporting on COVID will stop once Biden is sworn in.

LtE bug

In regards to all the hub-bub surrounding Mail Express and mask requirements issued by Governor Inslee:

Nothing like a good pandemic to expose the Chicken Little, sky-is-falling pearl clutchers that live in fear in Enumclaw and our country.

I wish I had the time to call government officials to narc on my friends, neighbors and local businesses over not wearing a mask. Does anyone find it strange that the states that have strict mask requirements seem to have COVID numbers that are just as high, or even higher than states that aren’t as oppressive? The way we are handling this virus is only kicking the can down the road and the problem is only going to go on longer the more we try to hide from it. In the words of a Pearl Jam song, “That which you fear the most, will meet you half way”.

Here’s a piece of advice for all the Chicken Little, sky-is-falling pearl clutching narcs that live in Enumclaw. If you don’t feel safe, stay home. If you have to leave your basement and go out, wear a mask. And then, mind your own business. And also, stop accusing other citizens of wanting people to die just because they don’t wear a mask or a business doesn’t want to actively enforce mask mandates. And also, stop wearing your mask if you are alone in your car driving down the road, people think you look silly.

I will continue to patronize Mail Express because they have provided great service for years in Enumclaw. If a business enforces the mask mandates, I will continue to patronize that business, as well. That is called freedom. The freedom of businesses to enforce it or not enforce it. The freedom of individuals to wear masks or not wear masks. COVID is a virus that isn’t going away soon so we have to learn to live with it.

I do have good news for everyone. On January 20, two minutes after Joe Biden leaves his basement and is sworn in as President, all the COVID death counters and COVID stats will magically disappear from mainstream media. I predict the mainstream media will do stories about how China is to blame for COVID. They will do stories about how we can live with COVID and how opening up the economy needs to be done. They will do stories about how a 48-year-do-nothing politician named Joe Biden relieves his stress while hiding in his basement. Operation Puff Up and Protect Joe Biden will be underway.

J Buss


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