Talk to your kids about what they learn at school

Why are schools pushing kids to choose how they sexually identify?

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Here is what the school systems are teaching, and I want anyone to prove me wrong.

Education Goal No. 1) That all forms of sexual behavior are good, and if anyone tries and tell you differently, they are a bad Person.

Education Goal No. 2) The other thing that all children must learn, is that America is a terrible awful society and everyone discriminates, based on their skin color,

And if you believe in a colorblind and meritocracy-based society, you are the problem – and probably racist.

Even in Enumclaw, one of the last bastion of conservative thought in King County, this is being taught. If I am proven wrong, then I apologize (but I don’t think I am).

Ask your kids. Ask your grandkids.

Recently a questionnaire went out to our middle school children and asked how they sexually identified themselves. One of the questions was if they felt safe in discussing this at home. As I understand it, the school later wrote the parents and explained that it was destined for our high school kids.

The reason that kids can’t legally drink is that, medically speaking, their brains are not fully formed yet. They can’t yet vote, they can’t sign up for the military.

Question: Why are the schools getting involved in these decisions now? They are pushing these agendas from age K-12. Wait till kids are no longer kids – wait till 18, when they are adults and can make up their own minds that will affect their entire life.

Now if your home and family values agree with those two education goals listed at the top, then I will defend your right to believe that with my life. That is the purpose of the Constitution and the First Amendment.

However – if your home and family values do not agree with the above goals, then what do you do? They are going to be in school, for a long time, and it gets worse, when and if they go to college.

These conversations need to be taught at home. Frequently. Remember the opposite is being taught at school, on an ongoing basis.

Have conversations with your kids’ teachers, attend the school board meetings — the board is not allowed to discuss things that are not on the agenda, so get them on the agenda.

I challenge you to ask your kids and your grandkids, if, other than fireworks and hotdogs, what does July 4 signify? What does patriotism mean? What do they know about the Founding Fathers? What is the purpose of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

Be involved in your Kids’ education. School is just not a babysitter.

David Cannon


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